San Diego Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Marc Duxbury Releases New Video About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

San Diego, CA -- (SBWire) -- 07/02/2013 --Marc Duxbury, a Carlsbad, San Diego Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney from the County Law Center law firm, has just released a new and helpful video that explains in-depth exactly what Chapter 7 bankruptcy entails. The video, which is posted on the firm’s website, is a great resource for anybody who has questions about this type of bankruptcy or is considering filing.

As the Bankruptcy Attorney Carlsbad, San Diego expert explains, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a procedure that allows people to eliminate their debt while also possibly keeping most, if not all, of their assets. Part of the process involves what is called “means testing,” which is essentially balancing expenses versus income. When determining this information, those who are considering filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy must determine which necessary expenses they incur every month in order to live. Examples include housing, child care, recreational expenses, and groceries. While going out to eat at a fancy restaurant for a huge amount of money would not qualify as a necessity, Duxbury notes that eating out once in awhile is acceptable when doing the means test.

“In other words you’re trying to show that your necessities outweigh or equal to your income, and therefore, you have no money to pay your debts,” the Attorney at Law – Carlsbad, San Diego said in the new video, adding that by having no money to pay their debts, people could qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and eliminate all the debts they want to get rid of.

In his video, the San Diego Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney also explains how filing involves three key dates or events: The filing date—which is the date people file the bankruptcy—the creditor’s meeting, and the discharge date.

“The discharge date is the end of the bankruptcy. The simple way to say that is it’s the official day. You go that way. Your debts go that way. It’s over with. That’s the discharge,” Duxbury said, adding that most Chapter 7 bankruptcies take about 90 days from start to finish.

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