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New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 07/08/2013 has launched a website that can help people find out who owns a particular phone number through a reverse phone lookup service. The service will allow people to quickly scan through a huge database of phone numbers and find out who owns it. This is particularly useful in situations when the receiver of a call needs to know the identity of the caller before he decides whether to take the call or not. With this service, people can permanently ban telemarketers, stalkers, and virtually anyone whose calls are not welcome. For those who are looking for an effective way to screen their calls, this website is the most practical solution.

This service has been around for a long time. But, a lot of those who offered the service for free were not able to sustain their existence. The costs of maintaining an updated database of phone numbers were just too steep for them to manage. Furthermore, the increase in the number of mobile phone users and the ease with which people could change their numbers made it difficult for these companies to keep their records accurate.

Tapping the technology of companies that used to offer caller ID services and free reverse phone look up services, this new reverse phone look up service picks up from where they left off and remedied the issues that rendered them quite ineffective and obsolete.

People who wish to avail of an effective way to screen their calls will have to pay a price for reliable reverse phone look up services. The US Reverse Phone Lookup website provides the best solution for people who want to know the identity of the people calling them. There are various packages available to match the customers’ call screening needs.

Those who simply want to get an accurate search result on one particular number do not have to pay a subscription fee. A minimal one-time service fee is all that is required. An unlimited search subscription is also available for those who deal with a lot of mystery callers. These affordable rates can be found on the US Reverse Phone Lookup website.

This service is guaranteed safe and secure. People who intend to catch stalkers and prank callers or those who are suspicious about their callers will find this service to be incredibly useful. Finally, there is an effective way to screen and avoid answering unwanted calls.

There is no need to pick up the phone only to find out that it’s a prank call. People do not have to waste their time on the phone with callers they do not want to talk to. The USA Reverse Lookup website simply allows subscribers to choose which call to entertain.

The demise of caller ID services is the gain of reverse phone lookup services. With this new kind of technology, it is easier for people to protect their privacy and that of their family members as well. Although the service comes with a fee, the privacy this service provides makes it well worth the money.

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US Reverse Phone Lookup - Instantly Lookup Any Phone Number powered by Phone Detective is a one stop resource to reverse lookup any phone number within United States and Canada. With US Reverse Phone Lookup users will get access to 400 million cell phone, landline, business and unlisted phone numbers operating in US. Users can get all information they need to know about reverse phone lookup service in one place, they can also reverse lookup an unknown phone number and instantly trace the caller for legal purpose.

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