Green Coffee Bean Extract Web Launches Providing Review of Green Coffee Bean Extract

The supplement has proven astoundingly popular thanks to TV endorsements, but many still seek an informed opinion before purchasing, with Green Coffee Bean Extract Web providing a comprehensive review

West Nyack, NY -- (SBWire) -- 07/09/2013 --Dietary supplements are big business, as many individuals become frustrated with the slow pace of weight loss through diet and exercise and naturally seek something that will give them an edge. Many such products exist, but one of the most exciting developments to capture the imaginations of dieters is Green Coffee Bean Extract. Having been endorsed by TV doctor Dr. Oz, the product has proven popular. But Green Coffee Bean Extract Web has launched to provide an independent assessment so that individuals can read an unbiased account.

The website introduces the problem faced by many individuals- that of choosing the right supplement among such a crowded field. It then describes the popularity of Green Coffee Bean Extract and the proposed scientific basis for its effectiveness, including its key ingredient cholorgenic acid. The supplement is said to be effective without altering diet and exercise but is exponentially effective when coupled with either.

The review also answers key questions frequently asked by first time users, including tips and tricks in boosting the effectiveness of the extract, how it works, whether it is the best option and what supplier to approach in getting hold of the supplement. In this way it is a complete resource for anyone looking to find out more about green coffee bean extract.

A spokesperson for Green Coffee Bean Extract Web explained, “TV doctors are hugely influential and when they endorse a product that promises to help people lose weight, it’s no surprise that the product then becomes popular. But its long term shelf life is determined less by endorsement and more by its efficacy in real terms. We have reviewed green coffee bean extract as a weight loss aid and found it to be highly effective, especially when coupled with diet and exercise, in enhancing the weight loss endeavors of users. We have also made our recommendation on the best supplement provider to use in order to get the highest quality supplements available.”

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