Transportes Back in Heavy Machinery: Peru Steals from the 4th of July

Cajamarca, Peru -- (SBWire) -- 07/09/2013 --July has been dubbed the most month of the year with multiple countries celebrating Independence Day from a local poll.

The month of July marks an enormous season of parties and festivities all around the world.

Peruvians are reportedly taking notes from America's 4th of July fireworks spectacle.

Celebrations erupted early in the morning that echoed between the United States all the way to France where they also celebrate the day.

A spokesperson from Transportes Olimpus, Julio Rodriguez said, "We watch the news and we can see all the parties going on this month. We are just as proud as the patriotic Americans. We might steal or borrow an idea here and there… We will put on a great show, we have noticed how the Americans tank down their beer; we can go one better, we have the Latin engine.”

Peruvians are renowned for mining deep and partying like no other nation. This reputation is substantiated with a gift of a two day holiday.

Rodriguez said,"I have seen how the Americans party and I think we can do it one better this year.

“I know I will get off my tanker truck and call all my workers off their heavy machinery for one legendary party.

“We have made a banner this year written Transportes back in Time with Heavy Machinery. It doesn't really make sense in English but in Spanish it roughly means to transport back in time and party hard. I believe it’s similar to what people in the English speaking world call tanking.

“In Peru the culture is very relaxed, so much so that our boss who we jokingly call Mr Transportes Olimpus Snr explicitly told us that he wanted to see everyone on the dance floor when we celebrate our independence. We are very passionate people and we have taken a few notes from the Americans, we are borrowing some ideas."

The streets of Peru have been building, filling with a buzz of excitement following what some Peruivans deem to be the best televised 4th of July fireworks.

Despite Peru being a small country, communities gathered together and watched the 4th of July celebrations on television, demonstrating the perpetual ties between Peru and America

Much like the Americans the Peruvians are purchasing flags as well as red and white streamers. National dishes much like the American hamburger and hotdog will be served on this special occasion, only the Peruvians will be making a storm in the kitchen for Ceviche, Picarones and Papa a la Huancanana.

The culture, food and music might be different but both cultures draw inspiration from each other and despite some Peruvians 'stealing' ideas from America's 4th of July celebrations, both nations are bound together in their patriotic passion.

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