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New Delhi, India -- (SBWire) -- 08/15/2013 --After working day and night for more than a year on I2Mag, bringing daily technology insights, today we are standing in such a position to offer our readers not one, not two but total of fifteen new categories ranging from business, finance, advertising and marketing, tips and tutorials, gaming and lots more for you. Plus, to make things more interesting this time, we are turning the I2Mag into a collaborative effort to create the world’s most helpful how-to blog in which not only us but you too be a part of it by sharing your expertise.

The idea is simple with I2Mag V2 (Version 2), we want you to imaging a world where anyone can easily learn on how to accomplish the things. A place where just only by accessing the expert knowledge can lead to have a better life, in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. That’s what we are creating with our I2Mag V2. We welcome everyone who is interested in sharing their knowledge, sharing their passion on creating a high-quality collection of articles.

We welcome you to submit your high-quality, original-interesting articles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your website.

Article Categories

- Business – Advertising, Branding, Career Advice, Consulting, Customer Service, Ethics, Franchising, International Business, Jobs, Marketing, Media, Networking, Outsourcing, PR, Top10
- Communications – Broadband Internet, Gadgets, Mobile, Radio, Telephone Systems, VOIP
- Computers and Technology – Tech, Web, Gaming, Cloud, Certifications, Mobile Computing, Hardware, Software, Spyware and Viruses
- Entertainment – Film, Music, Sports, Television
- Entrepreneurships and Startups – Entrepreneurship, Startup, Small Businesses, Home Based Business, Venture Capital
- Gaming – Computer Games, Console, Console Games, Online Games, Video Games
- Internet and Businesses Online – Affiliates, Blogging, CMS, Domain Names, e-Books, e-Commerce, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Link Building, PPC, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Traffic Building, Web Design and Development, Web Hosting
- Finance – Finance, Bankruptcy, Budgeting, Credit, Debt, Loans, Taxes, Valuation
- Investments – Investing, Stock Trading, Stocks
- News – Business, Communications, Tech, Entertainment, Gaming, Social Media, Others
- Reviews – Business, Books, Mobile, Gadgets, Gaming, Entertainment, Social Media,
- Self Improvements and DIY
- Social Media
- Tips and Tutorials – Apps & Software, Design & Dev, Gadget, Mobile, CMS, Business, Web, Gaming, Entrepreneurship, Product Guides, Social Media Guides, Others
- Watercooler – Comics, Conversations, Infographics, Memes, Pics, Videos

Got Passion & Expertise To Share?

- Think of I2Mag as the home of most passionate experts around the worlds which comes under different niches.
- I2Mag, part of G2One Network, has been built on day-by-day basis making its place in the world.
- All the articles have to be human reviewed – twice.
- Hundreds of Thousands of expert authors already apply to be a part of the movement.
- One of our primary goals is to serve as a trusted source of content for all the people around.

From Where To Start – Editor Guidelines

1. Article Content

- Articles must be unique and not published on your blog or any other blog in original or any modified form.
- Articles must fall under one of our categories.
- The article can be plain text or a word document or a Google Document. We can format and complement the articles with images/figures wherever deemed necessary.
- Minimum 600 to maximum 1200 words allowed.
- You can link back to the article from your blog to let your readers know about your article.
- The same article cannot be modified and published elsewhere.
- You are free to promote your article on social media like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon etc.
- Must Have Proper English, Which Includes Proper Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization and Sentence Structure.
- Must Not be a Private Label Rights (PLR) article or Contain Unattributed Content to Which the Author Does Not Have Exclusive Rights.
- Must Not be Written as a Press Release or be Time Sensitive.
- Must Not Contain Self-Serving or Promotional Content in the Article Title, Body, or Summary.
- Must Not Contain Negative Content Towards any Product, Company, Individual, or Group.
- Must Not Contain Profanity or Pornographic Material.
- Must Not Contain Illegal or Overly Controversial Content.
- Must Not Contain Rehashed Content, or Material Overly Similar to your Prior Submissions.
- Must Not be Formatted as a Blog Post or Read as a Personal Email, Letter or Other Correspondence.
- Must Not Contain Information that Promotes Unethical Internet Activities, Business Practices or Anything that Would Create a Poor User Experience for Web Users.

2. Article Order

- Title: The title of the post should be careful coined expressing what exactly the article is about. The title may contain up to 65 characters.
- Article Text: Add bold, underlines, break into paragraphs and try bullets, numbered lists to get a better copy. Minimum 600 words and maximum 1200 words allowed.
- Images: Don’t worry, we will add ourselves.
- Author Byline: All articles need some information about the true author (we will usually not accept by third party writers). You can add one link to your site here which anchor text same for your own site title. You can also add your social media links, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. We do require your photograph (head shot) also.

3. Link Policy

- Link policy: There is no limit to external links (only related and essential links) to other sites. Your site link can only be added in the author byline with the same keywords, and NOT inside the article. You can add your company link and brand link in the author byline as the way you wish.

How To Submit The Article?

You can send us your articles at or, if the article includes attachments (like screenshot image), upload all the files to, or any other safe content upload service of your choice and send the link via email at

Publishing Time

If your article matches our standards and does not require any edit, then it will go live within 1 to 5 days. In both these cases once your article goes live, we will email you the live link of your published article.

In case, if your article got rejected (due to any of the reason mentioned above), we will notify you by an email.

If in case want to discuss or having any question at front, please free to mail at:

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