U.K. Makes Effort to Close Educational Social Gap

Disadvantaged students are not doing as well as richer students in school. Trips around the south have shown gaps growing instead of shrinking between them.

Brighton, East Sussex -- (SBWire) -- 08/20/2013 --In a tale as old as time, The U.K. continues to struggle with equal opportunities for rich and poor students. There is definitely still a gap in the opportunities of students, but the geography has changed. No longer are disadvantaged students concentrated in inner city schools, but now also in coastal towns and rural areas in the east and south-east.

With new actions to add more school trips across schools in the U.K., politicians continue to try and manage education budgets, and address money as an influence in a child’s productivity.

Often schools are overlooked if they are not in stereotypical “bad” areas. This result is not seen in just any school. Trips across the south and south-east have proven that even in relatively affluent areas of the U.K., many poorer children are being failed. The performance of these children is just not on the same level of their peers. This could be because of a lack of incentives from the teachers, or that the schools farther from cities are getting overlooked by more experienced teachers.

Equity School Travel, a company that designs school trips, is concerned about this problem. “In such a modern age, the gap between rich and poor students should not affect the opportunities that each get,” a representative for the company states.

Chief Schools Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, has gone before the Department of Education to urge the organization to work with teachers to identify and incentivise experienced teachers to work in less cosmopolitan areas. Although this might be a challenge, the fight to improve educational standards for all has been an issue close to many hearts in the Education Department. This has already begun with the TeachFirst initiative which sends the brightest graduates into inner-city schools to teach the children who might not have access to the best teachers.

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