Boston NGO Launches Environmental Awareness Website

It aims to change views and attitudes with a goal of convincing us to leave a habitable world for our children.

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 07/16/2013 --Before the financial crisis hit, the biggest argument raging internationally was how to tackle climate change. Many countries had put in place plans and were working hard towards reducing their ecological footprint. This has however changed according to Last Chance, a Boston based NGO which aims to bring constructive discourse back to the most pressing issue of our generation.

“Over the past five years, discussion of the environment has more or less fallen off the agenda of US politicians. The main talk is on the economic recovery and the debt ceiling”, says a spokesperson for the organization; “We keep inching toward the point of no return. Damage will be so irreparable that our children are in for a depressing future.”

Last Chance aims to change attitudes through its new website and help refocus public attention on environmental issues. Climate change, industrial pollution, and devastation of natural habitats are all major issues facing humanity. Species extinction continues to lumber along like a freight train with little being done about it.

“At the rate we’re going, our grandchildren’s image of most species of fish and mammals, coral reefs and natural habitats will only come from books” continues the organization’s spokesperson. “The easiest way to stop a pipeline isn’t just to protest in front of the White House, it’s for individuals to change their habits and bring the change that needs to take place at all levels of our modern life.”

The major focus of the organization is to change public attitudes, and to raise awareness that the point of no return is close. Personal responsibility and the change in all individuals behavior are necessary in order to create a sustainable life on our planet.

About Last Chance
Last Chance is a Boston based NGO, which has launched a new website to help inspire individuals to join the global environmental movement and take action towards preventing future catastrophic events.

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