Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn 2.0 Eady to Claim Its Reputation Back

The first version of Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn is considered as the worst FF series ever and was put into development after received tons of negative feedbacks from players all around the world in 2011. Now it has been overhauled and ready to claim its reputation again in August 2013.

Toronto, ON -- (SBWire) -- 07/17/2013 --Final Fantasy is the name of a computer game created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and released in 1987. The game received much negative feedback when it first released Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn 1.0 in 2011 from players around the world who said the game was uninteresting and awkward to play. The game underwent several changes until late 2012, when the designers of the game announced a complete overhaul. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a new storyline and a more user-friendly interface.

Final Fantasy takes place on the planet Hydaelyn in the land of Eorzea, a place where the inhabitants fight intense battles between good and evil.

Within this land dwell the following humanoid races:

The Hyurare the most like the humans of Earth, with an average build and height. The Hyur are divided into two clans: the Midlanders and the Highlanders. The Midlanders live in the low-lying regions of Eorzea, while the Highlanders have dominion over Eorzea’s mountains.

The Miqo’tetribe dwells in the forest region of Eorzea. With pointed ears on the tops of their heads and long, switching tails, the Miqo’te folk resemble the graceful feline creatures of Earth.

The Elezenare known for their height and their slender build. The Wildwood Elezen live in woods of Eorzea and are lovers of law and order. They can be found on the city streets of Eorzea at times. The Duskwight Elezen, however, despise the constraints of city life. They live in caves, and maintain a fierce antagonism to the Wildwood Elezen.

The Roygadynare a muscular tribe comprised of the Seawolves and the Hellsguard. The Roygadyn are an extremely competitive race, yet they are also compassionate.

The Lalafellfolk are short and round. They greatly resemble children in their height and build—so much so that it is very hard to tell their ages.

The planet Hydaelyn has undergone periods of prosperity and decline known as Astral and Umbral eras, respectively. Because each of the six Umbral eras represented one of the six elements ( wind, lightening, fire, earth, ice, and water), the people of Eorzea believed that the Astral era they were experiencing would last forever. But this was not to be. Their existence threatened by an evil force, the people of Eorzea must band together to defeat their common foe.

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