The Typical Features About the New OBD Device Revealed: Launch X431

Shenzhen, China -- (SBWire) -- 07/22/2013 --From the recent data, people could find that the launch x431 which is one kind of vehicles fault diagnostic is a new set of equipments which have the advantages of classic, economical, simple, stable and durable. The product has followed the opening operation platform of launch x431. On the other hand, this kind of product has also inherited the advantages of wide coverage models, testing powerful and accurate test data of LAUNCH¡¯s automotive fault diagnosis technology. Meanwhile, the unique rotatable design of the test diagnostic connector would be more user-friendly for clients¡¯ operating. On the other hand, there are also many other kinds of OBD device such as MB star c3. If people want to know more about these devices such as price and functions, they could browse the website which is the best online seller for OBD device.

There are many factors about the features and functions about the launch x431. The expert from website would tell everyone these functions.

The first function is the diagnostic function which could help to check the situation super mb star of all of the electronic control system. This feature has included t he reading for DTCs, clearing for DTCs, reading for data stream and other special functions. On the other hand, the diagnostic software is fully consistent with the X431 series which has fully inherited the advantages such as wide range covering and high precision testing.

The second factor is the uniform 16PIN connector. The smartbox have the flexibility ability to choose communication foot. People could only need a SMART OBD ¢ò-16E connector which could completely replace the SMART OBD ¢ò-16, SMART OBD ¢ò-16C, CAN BUS ¢ñ, CAN BUS ¢ò, Zhonghua-16, TOYOTA-16, BMW -16, AUDI KL CONVETER, CITROEN-16, SUPER-16 and other connectors.

The third feature is the optional features which are that people could choose the suitable X431PCCENTER to connect with the computer. This could help to the storage the data of test vehicle. On the other hand, this could help to establish the repairing files and get access to repairing information.

From the detailed introduction of the website , people could find that ford ids vcm the launch x431have the random printing capabilities. This would much more helpful for the checking for the detail of the cars fault.

All of these factors above are the typically features for the OBD device which brand name is launch x431. Hope it would have much more help to people who want to purchase the OBD device such as launch x431 and BMW ICOM. If people want to know more information about these factors, please browse the website

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