Dermatend Reviews: Does It Work for Skin Tag Removal - Removing Skin Tags with Dermatend

Skin tag removal with dermatend reviews. Learn about the best product online for removing skin tags. So does dermatend work: best dermatend reviews.

Portland, OR -- (SBWire) -- 07/22/2013 --Skin Tag Removal - Dermatend Review.

Having to deal with an unsightly mole can be a lifelong issue, fortunately, many individuals have found a product called DermaTend.

So does dermatend work - dermatend reviews? This new mole and skin tag removal solution markets a completely organic cream that is free of harsh chemicals and unwanted side effects. Rather it uses all natural medicine in order to help remove moles without the expense and risk of surgery which can leave an individual with lifelong scarring or infection issues post-surgery.

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It is not uncommon for people with moles to consult with a doctor who probably suggesting having the mole removed by either cutting it out or burning it off with some sort of chemical. Newer technologies have also been developed that allow a mole to be diminished with the use of a laser as well. However, all of these procedures can have unwanted side effects such as unsightly scars and a huge hole in your wallet.

If you aren't looking to spend a great deal of money and get suck with unwanted side effects from other procedures, DermaTend is for you. The makers of this product, Solace International, have made an affordable alternative product that does not deliver with it painful after effects.

A Natural Alternative

Again, DermaTend helps removing skin tags and moles without causing you discomfort or leaving unwanted scarring afterwards. And because DermaTend is organic in nature, anyone who has a mole can use it without having to worry to check labels to see the side effects. It was the goal of researchers who made this product to create a solution that contained only the most sought after natural elements around the globe.

DermaTend History

Research suggest that purchasing a small bottle of this solution is so powerful that it can get rid of up to four moles in as little as just a few days. A larger bottle can do even more, diminishing fifteen moles for a price that is unbeatable: a cost of around five dollars per mole removed. The makers of DermaTend also make a balm that is designed to help support skin healing once the mole has vanished.

DermaTend manufacturers are based out of Reno, Nevada. Since its inception this product has helped to remove over one million moles and other skin issues. This solution has truly benefited a plethora of individuals and positively changed their lives. Furthermore, this business is so sure of its product that it offers all consumers a sixty day money back guarantee for all who choose to invest in it. Each individual is given an opportunity to try the product without risk, all they may get rid of is a mole.

Visit our official dermatend review page: with more information, videos, photos, and special price deals.

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