Getting Into the Zone: Game-Changing New Book Trains Young Minds to Win Through 'Mental Toughness'

Written by Elliot and Kathy Hagburg, ‘Getting Into The Zone: A COURSE and WORKBOOK For the Mental Game’ can help any young person develop a tough athlete’s mind with just ten minutes of practice each day. With mental training that can help them win in any area of life, the book is resonating with young readers around the world.

Bayville, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 07/26/2013 --According to Elliot and Kathy Hagburg, many young people fail to reach their potential in both sports and life due to a lack of mental training. With research showing the mind’s bold contribution to success, the duo have pooled their expertise to release a book that trains young minds to be tough, win and prosper.

‘Getting Into The Zone: A COURSE and WORKBOOK For the Mental Game’ uses its step-by-step format to help any young person win big with their dreams. The book’s many exercises and skills were designed to allow each reader to perform at their best in any competitive situation or endeavour.


If baseball and softball are 80% to 90% mental, shouldn't someone be teaching our young players how to master the mental part of the game? A game changer is a defining moment, event or idea that creates an instantaneous momentum shift of energy. It can be a positive, “poetry in motion” energy shift, or a negative, “slip on a banana peel” energy shift. The catalyst for either of these energy exchanges is our thoughts or the collective thoughts of a group or team. It triggers a chain of events or outcomes, which are based on the outlooks and beliefs of the observers/ participants.

This energy is flowing and circulating through us at all times. We also have complete access to it at all times. By training our minds, we can learn to achieve top performance and create the ultimate game changer. Once we realize we are more than just flesh and bones, we can begin to take control of our lives , both on and off the playing field. WARNING, Do not attempt to read this book unless you are prepared to be the Star you always dreamed of being.

As one of the authors explains, more attention should be shifted to the mental aspects of sporting success.

“Most Coaches agree, 80% of the game is mental, yet 100% of practice is devoted to the physical. Even the best Athlete's fail due to a lack of mental toughness. The mind is also a muscle & needs a daily workout,” says Kathy Hagburg.

Continuing, “Ten minutes of practice per day is all it takes to get a great Athlete's Mind to match his/her game. We would love to see all kids realize their potential on & off the field. There are no sports psychology books available to children.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“In all of my years as a competitive athlete, coach, official, and organizer of youth sports, I have never come across a reference as valuable and relevant as Getting Into The Zone. The workbook format is perfect for the young mind to participate and personalize the journey. And it is more than just a "how to" become a better athlete, it is about training the mind to become a winner,” says Lori Sica, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Another reader was equally as impressed, adding, “While this book is an easy read, it also makes you look at yourself in a different light. This book is a great way to inspire young athletes to get into the zone and can help anyone start thinking in a more positive way.”

With the book’s popularity set to soar, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Getting Into The Zone: A COURSE and WORKBOOK For the Mental Game’ is available now:

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About the Author: Elliot and Kathy Hagburg
Elliot Hagburg earned his Business Management Degree from Hofstra University via Division I baseball. He has also played Professional Baseball in the Independent Frontier League. He coaches and trains High School and College Athletes and is a Certified Personal Trainer.

Kathy Hagburg is retired with 30 years experience in sales, management, business and personal training.

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