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Issaquah, WA -- (SBWire) -- 08/05/2013 --With a goal of $10,000 a crowdfunding project has been launched on Indiegogo by the creators of the Friendly Flosser, the world’s first refillable handheld flosser. Consisting of only four parts the innovative product is ergonomically contoured to fit comfortably in the user’s hand allowing for the control of all aspects of flossing. With a sound design the Friendly Flosser allows quick access between each tooth and thereby reduces time, money and waste in the process. “I began the creation of the Friendly Flosser about three years ago because I wanted a flosser that was cost efficient, easy to use and would conveniently facilitate the elimination of old floss.” said Sarah Friend, Co-creator of the Friendly Flosser. To that end, Friend worked tirelessly with designers to first develop 3D sketches and then printed models to produce a final prototype.

In keeping with the goals of the design the product has an easily changeable floss spool within the body of the product that remains clean with use as a place is provided for the used floss to exit. For further convenience a well-designed rotational spool facilitates two types of flossing experiences. The “nunchuck” method allows the user to control how tight the floss is between the floss head by using a firm grip on the bottom cap in one hand and the pressure from the user's thumb and index finger with the other. The dual-hand method is best used for a deep clean as it gives the tightest tension. “Using the nunchuck method will give a fifteen to twenty times tighter floss as to opposed to our competitors. The end result is a dentist like cleaning.” added Friend.

The second method is single-handed and is convenient for daily usage. It includes a floss crimping finger trigger on the bottom side that allows the user to control how tight the floss is with a single push. The trigger makes the floss across the floss head five times stronger than the leading competitors. Additionally, the Friendly Flosser can be easily cleaned in one step by simply running the floss head under water or placing it in mouthwash for a deep clean.

Having now achieved every design goal necessary to bring the Friendly Flosser into production Friend will use the monies raised in the Indiegogo crowdfunding project to produce the world’s first refillable flosser and bring it to market. Crowdfunding perks include an invitation to the product’s launch party in Seattle, Washington, a “His and Hers” Package, inclusion on the creator’s website, a teeth whitener kit complete with an LED light system and Friendly Flossers.

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