Terry, Simon & Kelly, PLLC Launches YouTube Channel Dedicated to Personal Injury FAQs

Videos Offer Information on a Wide Range of Topics Related to Personal Injury Cases

Austin, TX -- (SBWire) -- 07/31/2013 --TSK Law Firm understands many Austinites have questions when it comes to what they should and should not do when they have been injured in an accident or hurt in an abusive or negligent situation. To help answer these questions, the law firm announces the release of a highly specialized YouTube channel designed to provide answers to these tough and pressing questions so citizens can feel comfortable, knowing they are taking the appropriate steps to protect their legal interests. "The channel focuses on frequently asked questions to ease the minds of those who are injured as they have many other matters to deal with, matters which are more important, such as recovering their health and recuperating from the injuries sustained," Misha Foster of Terry, Simon & Kelly, PLLC explains.

The YouTube channel, which may be seen at www.austininjurylawyernow.com, covers what one should do when in an accident of any type, understanding what a fair settlement entails and steps needed to file a claim. Visitors to the site learn a great deal of information from the videos offered on this channel, information such as how one insurance company would often offer as little as $50 in the hopes the injured party would accept it out of fear they wouldn't get anything if they said no. "Information such as this becomes very helpful when a person is injured as they may have similar fears or want to just get the process over to focus on regaining their health. Often, doing so leaves the person with bills they must pay out of pocket as the settlement is less than what is owed on hospital bills and bills incurred when the person was unable to work as a result of the injuries," Ms. Foster continues.

Austin personal injury attorneys take many factors into consideration when determining fair compensation for the injuries sustained by a client. Factors looked at include who was at fault in the accident, will future or long term medical care be needed and past driving record of the other party. "If even one factor is somehow overlooked, the injured party may receive less compensation, compensation which is needed to ensure his or her future quality of life, in terms of their health, financial situation and more. Videos at the new YouTube channel address the various factors used to determine a fair settlement, factors used by the attorneys at Terry, Simon & Kelly, PLLC in each case handled. Don't settle for anything less when injured in an accident due to the fault of someone else. TSK Law Firm ensures this isn't the case," Ms. Foster declares.

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Terry, Simon & Kelly PLLC handles a wide range of personal injury cases, treating clients with the respect and compassion they deserve during a difficult time. The attorneys take cases on a contingency basis, meaning if the case is lost, the client doesn't pay and attorneys work with clients personally, rather than handing them off to an assistant or paralegal. Staying abreast of changes in Texas law relating to personal injury lawsuits, the attorneys remain available around the clock and come to the client when his or her injuries prevent an in-office visit. No matter the size of the case, Terry, Simon & Kelly PLLC can be of help.

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