Music Teacher’s Helper Uses and Enjoys the Google Calendar Features

Murray, UT -- (SBWire) -- 08/05/2009 -- The Music Teacher’s Helper, a web-based computer program that helps music teachers organize and automate their teaching studios, now allows you to synchronize your teaching calendar in Music Teacher's Helper with your Google Calendar. Below are the Google Calendar highlights and privileges that you can enjoy:

- This allows you to see your personal, studio, and other events on the same calendar.
- You can synchronize your calendar with other calendars such as Outlook or iCal as well as with your mobile, iPhone or Blackberry calendars.
- In here, you can place your calendar on a remote website or blog, such as your Music Teacher’s Helper website.

Music Teacher’s Helper proudly reveals through its blog that if you have a Google account, you can now synchronize all your other calendars with your Music Teacher’s Helper calendar. To setup Google Calendar Syncing, log into your Music Teacher’s Helper account, and go to Calendar, then, Calendar Sync.

Though this unique trend is still available in Beta, the great minds behind MTH, the website creators welcome you to try it out so as to help them make it as beneficial and viable as possible for all the members and users. Music Teacher’s Helper is proud to inform its members of the following significant improvements regarding speed and time zone issues:

- The calendar now copies events over 100 times faster, and there should no longer be the significant lag that you had before.
- A “purge” button on the Sync settings page is added to allow you clear your calendar and re-sync if there are events that aren’t copied on the first try.
- If you have a lot of events on your Google calendar that are set at the wrong time, you may want to simply purge your Google calendar (MTH can do this for you from the Calendar -> Sync page), then save your Sync settings again, and it will re-copy all your events to Google in the correct time zone. (Assuming your time zone is set properly in Home -> Preferences).

Having presented those great options, MTH members can now truly take advantage of the Google Calendar unique and useful features as MTH encourages all of them as well as all the other fellow music teachers to use these features that Google provides.

As Music Teacher’s Helper aims to take the frustration out of managing your studio - handling everything from billing and lesson schedules, to communication and tax reports, MTH members can now do wonders on organizing their schedules, events and activities through various tools and programs. So, take advantage of this new calendar sync feature today and see better results as you manage your own private studio with all convenience, satisfaction and effectiveness.

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