Living with an STD: Life-Changing New eBook Inspires Readers to Overcome Their Daily Struggles and Move Forward in Life

Written by Michael Bordignon, the compelling new eBook helps those suffering with an STD avoid wading through millions of confusing pieces of information about their conditions. With everything diligently researched and made available within a single resource, ‘Living With An STD’ is poised to resonate with readers around the world.

North Vancouver, BC -- (SBWire) -- 08/14/2013 --Every year, almost twenty five million North Americans are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. While often thought to prevail only among the young and experimental, the prospect of an STD is active in everyone.

Those coming to terms with a new infection are often caught in a confusing blunder due to the sheer amount of information that exists online. With most of it untrue, misleading or laced with overwhelming medical jargon – it isn’t easy to find specific, authoritative information that can help a sufferer move forward with their life.

To answer this calling, Canada’s Michael Bordignon is delighted to announce the launch of his new eBook, ‘Living With An STD: How Anyone Can Overcome The Daily Struggle And Move Forward in Life’.


Do not waste your time looking for books or articles on STD's because you are most likely going to find medical information about the topic.

I have done all the research for you and compiled accurate information and techniques based on an emotional approach that will help you cope effectively with this.

So when looking how to deal with your disease and move on with your life just turn to this e-book as a reference and you will start improving the quality of your life.

The book specifically tells you : What is the first step to manage a STD, How to convey an emotional diagnosis, How to find the right support, How to deal with the stages of grieving, How to talk to your past, current and future partner and Proven tips for staying healthy and happy.

As the author explains, he was inspired to write the book on behalf of all of those with an STD who see a bleak outlook for the future.

“After doing extensive research it became evident that existing books about STDs are chock-full of medical information that the average person cannot understand. Therefore, I wanted to offer something from an emotional perspective,” says Bordignon.

Continuing, “This is something of real value; a tangible resource that can help anyone move forward with their life and realize a productive and positive future. An STD literally is not the end of the world – and my book explains why.”

Critics praise the author for his diligent attempts to help change the lives of others. With the book expected to be in huge demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible after launch.

‘Living With An STD: How Anyone Can Overcome The Daily Struggle And Move Forward in Life’ will be available from August 12th. Copies can be purchased from as well as on and on

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