Strategy and Tactics to Combat the Use of Cell Phones by Terrorists

CellAntenna CEO Howard Melamed Speaks at Fourth Annual Gulf Coast Terrorism Prevention Conference

Sarasota, FL -- (SBWire) -- 08/20/2009 -- Howard Melamed, President and CEO of CellAntenna Corporation was a keynote speaker today at the Fourth Annual Gulf Coast Terrorism Prevention Conference held in Sarasota Florida and sponsored by the Sarasota Sherriff’s department. His topic was “Strategy and Tactics used to Combat the use of Cell Phones by Terrorists.”

“In today’s world, the use of cell phones by terrorists for triggering of IED’s and for communicating their plans of action, is the terrorist’s weapon of choice,” said Howard Melamed. “We have seen it used in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Israel, Iraq, Indonesia, Spain, United Kingdom and almost everywhere else to create havoc and devastation. Fortunately there are ways to disrupt and thwart the terrorists with the use of specific equipment.”

Melamed in his speech today outlined several methods and techniques that can thwart terrorist activities. This included the use of the CJAM-NF jamming equipment, and the new CJAM- Cell Phone Controller, equipment used to deny and control cell phone access of illegal cell phone use by terrorists and criminals.

CellAntenna Corporation offers cell phone jammer and cell phone control equipment that can block and control the signals sent to cell phones used to detonate improvised exploding devices by terrorists. Bombs detonated by cell phones have become a weapon of choice for terrorists throughout the world.

CellAntenna has been leading the challenge to the existing 1934 Communications Act that prevents First Responders, including bomb squads from acquiring jamming equipment that can prevent terrorists from remote detonating bombs. Howard Melamed has appeared on radio, TV and newspapers around the world and is noted as one of the foremost experts on the topic. He has been a critic of the cellular industry that opposed his efforts to promote the use of jamming equipment in correctional facilities around the country.

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