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Edinburgh, Scotland -- (SBWire) -- 08/20/2013 --A 10% off Intellicig discount code has recently been published by deal site, eCig Deals. The discount page goes further into detail than is necessary for a discount but can be rather helpful for those looking to try Intellicig. According to the discount page, Intellicig is based out of the United Kingdom and currently sells its electronic cigarette products in over 24 countries worldwide. Intellicig is unique in that it offers users the option between a 2- and 3-piece e-cigarette. The 3-piece system grants users the ability to refill their cartridges with their favourite e-liquids while the 2-piece uses pre-filled cartomizers.

For the less informed, cartomizers are a unit consisting of both an atomizer and e-liquid filled cartridge. This is advantageous for users that would rather not be bothered by the assembly and maintenance of a 3-piece device.

It’s pretty rare to come across a 10% off IntelliCig discount , especially one that applies to any and all orders placed directly from the website. The Intellicig Starter sells for a reasonable price of £29.95, which can be further discounted with the 10% off code resulting in a price of £24.13 before tax.

In addition to the discount, the brief overview of Intellicig mentions that the draw experienced from the e-cigarette is nothing remarkable in the growing electronic cigarette market. However, the flavour is surprisingly good for a low cost e-cig company.

Charging time is roughly 3 hours, preventing users from vaping during this period. This can be quite annoying at times and as such, a second battery is recommended for more regular vapers. A 30-day money back guarantee is also offered on Intellicig products providing some consumer reassurance that the electronic cigarette they ordered isn’t a complete dud. The 10% off intellicig coupon should not be taken lightly as this is rarely available on already low priced e-cigs. For more information about Intellicig and other e-cigarettes, visit

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