Compounding Pharmacy Los Angeles Offers Life Saving Medicine

Encino, CA -- (SBWire) -- 08/21/2013 --ABC Compounding Pharmacy is a full service drugstore and compound pharmacy in Los Angeles that specializes in custom compound medications. They are conveniently located in the lobby of 16311 Ventura Blvd in Encino, California 91436, and can be reached at 818-783-0422.

Every person is different and unique, which can make it difficult for doctors to prescribe just the right prescription medicine to treat the various medical conditions and ailments of their patients. That’s where custom compound medications come in. Pharmaceutical compounding, which is done in compounding pharmacies such as Los-Angeles-based ABC Compounding Pharmacy, is the customization of a particular medication to meet the individual needs of a patient.

Sometimes, these reasons are medically necessary, such as getting the exact dosage, changing the formula from pill to liquid, obtaining a medicine that has been discontinued, or to avoid a non-essential allergen. In these instances, the compounded medications are much needed and could literally save someone’s life. On other occasions, the reasons for are optional, like altering the taste of the medication by adding flavoring to it.

Whatever the reasons for needing compounded medication, the highly qualified team of pharmacists, technicians and chemists at ABC Compounding Pharmacy in Los Angeles will work with patients to make sure the medication is perfect. The full service drugstore and compounding pharmacy utilizes the latest pharmacology technology to create medications that provide patients with critical health support, enabling them to live healthier—and by extension happier--lives.

ABC Compounding Pharmacy offers a number of customized compounded medications like hormone replacement therapy for men and women, topical pain creams and skin creams that treat a variety of ailments and problems. Moreover, many of the medications are compounded as creams, meaning that patients don’t need to worry about the prescription affecting the liver, a problem that can be common in traditional medications.

To learn more about compounded medications, contact ABC Compounding Pharmacy in Los Angeles at 818-783-0422.


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