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The age old myth about the effective cardio training program is that it has to be long, repetitive, and consistent.

Burbank, CA -- (SBWire) -- 08/30/2013 --The age old myth about the effective cardio training program is that it has to be long, repetitive, and consistent. The problem with this typical type of cardio training program is that it is boring, it absolutely murders middle-aged knees and backs and is flat out not the most effective way to lose weight and boost metabolism.

That’s why Burbank personal trainers at Ballistic Body Fitness have just posted a new blog entry titled “Boring Cardio Training Program? You’re Doing it Wrong!” on their site. This entry discusses the facts behind the myth of the traditional cardio training program and outlines an alternative for fitness minded individuals who want better results faster.

As it turns out, forcing your body to perform the same continuous cardio training program by repeating the same movement over and over without variation or rest is unnatural and dangerous. The body is remarkably adaptive and when you perform this type of exercise what you are telling your body to do is downsize your heart and lungs to use less fuel and become more efficient. In short, a long repetitive cardio training program actually shrinks your heart’s output!

Want proof? How could Jim Fix, a marathon runner who literally wrote the book on running in the late 1970’s drop dead of a heart attack while running? Our answer to this question comes from two published studies done by Dr. Arthur Siegel, the director of internal medicine at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts and an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard University.

Dr. Siegel drew three blood samples from middle-aged male runners who were participating in the Boston marathon. He drew the first sample immediately before the race, a second sample immediately after the race, and a third sample a day after the marathon. What he found was astonishing: 24 hours after the race each man, who had no history of heart disease, exhibited early-stage signs of cardiac damage similar to the symptoms that appear during a heart attack.

Since this study, dozens of other researchers have found the following increased risks for marathon runners:

1. Heart Attack
2. Hardening of the arteries
3. Lower back pain
4. Repetitive-stress injuries
5. Sudden cardiac death
6. Stress fractures
7. Blood in urine
8. Permanent bone damage

This new blog entry gets right to the heart of the issue showing readers how to setup, perform and maintain a cardio training program that will prevent injuries and get real results in a fraction of the time. Another benefit of this post is that it will also show readers how to boost their metabolism for up to 48 hours after each workout. This means fat continues to be burned outside the gym while sleeping, driving or sitting at a desk at work.

Boring Cardio Training Program? You’re Doing it Wrong!” is now available on the Ballistic Body Fitness website, free of charge.

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