ChefMD's PBS Series Due to Launch in September Will Provide Recipes to Prevent and Treat Disease

Blending the art of food and healthful cooking Dr. John La Puma tackles what could be the most deliciously fun approach to healthy food viewers have yet to see.

Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/03/2013 --Dr. John La Puma is poised to take the frustration out of what’s for dinner. Embracing the science of medicine while creating a simple and tasty meal, the popular physician, chef and author hosts the new PBS series “ChefMD® Shorts with Dr John La Puma” premiering nationwide on PBS stations beginning September 7, 2013 and running through May 2016.

“Delicious meals can work like medicine with restaurant-quality flavor to boot,” said Dr. La Puma. "That's why we think one to two minute pieces will give the viewer just enough to chew on, pardon the pun, without feeling overstuffed. It's what-you-need-to-know, high impact TV and video."

Re-engineered from Dr. La Puma’s five year co-hosting stint on Lifetime Television’s “Health Corner” with Leeza Gibbons and Joan Lunden, the PBS nutritional series is distributed by National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).  NETA will offer a schedule of ten downloadable programs per month through May 2014 to all PBS stations so they may be rebroadcast royalty free for two years. The September program offer can be found on NETA’s website; the Lifetime original ChefMD segments are available online; and ten new programs will be posted monthly on the ChefMD YouTube channel as well.

About Dr. La Puma
Co-founder of ChefMD®, Dr. La Puma is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine and the first physician to teach a cooking and nutrition course in a U.S. medical school, with Dr. Michael Roizen of The Dr. Oz Show. His new book REFUEL (Crown/Harmony) will be available on 12.31.13.  The author is on a mission to help readers, especially men, Refuel® their bodies with what they eat, because men don’t diet, men Refuel. New beta test research data show remarkable strength, stamina and sexual progress and fat loss in  24 days when men eat for health, too.  Twice a New York Times best-selling author, for ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine and The RealAge Diet, Dr. La Puma is based in Santa Barbara, California.

To connect with Dr. La Puma on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter visit,, respectively.  To watch Dr. La Puma’s original Lifetime national cable TV ChefMD segments, click on To download the release schedule of the ChefMD Shorts with Dr John La Puma, click on To learn more about REFUEL, see the Contact information below.

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