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London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 09/05/2013 --With a $10,000 goal the creators of goTracker, the highly personal approach to a GPS tracking system, have launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. Filling the need for consumers to keep track of people, pets and personal items of particular value the app, along with a GPS tracking device, allows users to see precise locations of trackable items via a map on their smartphone. The goTracker is a formidable answer to staying in touch as it has the ability to provide continual updates to show ever changing locations in real time. “It’s very handy to have for important issues like the well-being of a child or elderly family member. It can even keep you abreast of the location of your car.” said Marco Montresor, Co-creator of the goTracker. “Really, it’s essential to have because we’re all trying to keep tabs on everything we care about.”

Pinpointing whereabouts in great detail with a zoom option the app also gives directions directly to the lost person, pet or tracked valuable. Additionally, the app will send a text message if the tracked item leaves a customizable geofence area or geozone. Searching based on date and time the app also gives an event detail and speed report which then becomes a history log for review. The handy device, leaving nothing to chance, will send an email to notify goTracker customers that it’s time to charge the tracker. These options make the device the most efficient tracker app currently in the marketplace for eight mobile and tablet platforms.

Described as an “open-source” project designed specifically to provide app-based GPS tracking services for a fleet of devices, goTracker will come complete with everything a consumer needs to have a completely portable GPS system for their personal lives and the people, pets and items in it. The goTracker comes with a complete mobile application source code for OpenGTS based in Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. The system is available in 110 countries in 7 continents. “Currently there is quite a bit of software for GPS tracking devices out there but no one app that can directly control them so, we’ll be the first.” added Montresor.

The goTracker team consists of Co-creators Marco Montresor and Eros L. Parise who have created the multi-use goTracker app and GPS tracking system. The Co-creator's future plans include the GPS-Trace Orange system which will allow for even more support options.

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About goTracker
The goTracker is a London, England based company created by Marco Montresor and Eros L. Parise. The App was created to track GPS devices.

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