Romance Novel Finds Sexy PR Professional Deep Into an Old Flame


Houston, TX -- (SBWire) -- 09/06/2013 --Jennifer J. Hayes has released her first novel, a romantic and tragic story based on true life experience. Marketing director of a successful Southeast matchmaking firm, Hayes focuses her attention toward lost loves, re-ignited flames and tough choices in her romance novel titled "Bound by Memphis".

A PR consultant named Jasmine Henderson is the heroine of "Bound by Memphis", which is a story of tragedy and discovered strength as well as an intricate romance. Jasmine has a great family and a beautiful Dallas, TX home. The romance novel begins with Jasmine signing a long time friend and someone who would become her biggest client yet, a retired NFL star named Donnie Wright. She's known Donnie for years and considers him a close friend and confidant. While in Memphis signing Donnie to her PR firm, an old flame named MB tracks down Jasmine and bursts back into her life. Both the City of Memphis and MB hold many memories for Jasmine. Fourteen years prior while she and MB both were living in Memphis, MB left Jasmine at the alter on their wedding day. Jasmine rediscovers her feelings for MB, and while she pursues these feelings, as first cautiously and then passionately, she becomes town between her new-found exciting romance with MB and her devotion to her family.

While struggling with her feelings, tragedy hits Jasmine from two corners. She must make a life changing decision while experiencing an overwhelming loss. Jasmine finds herself needing the strength to stick to the choices she has and will make while powerful events unfold before her. Jennifer J. Hayes has created a complex world with deeply authentic characters in "Bound by Memphis". The book is available on Amazon by going to:

About Jennifer J. Hayes
Jennifer J. Hayes is a shameless fan of all things happily ever after. A lifelong student of romance, she lives how she loves:Growing up as a military brat, she embraced traveling the world. She resides today in Houston, TX with the two loves of her life: her husband of 8 years and their 4 year old son. As marketing director for SinglesPLUS, she has helped clients find love for the past fourteen years. She returned to her love of writing fiction in creating her romance novel, "Bound by Memphis". Jen also hosts a relationship-themed radio show called S.W.A.K. Radio, and writes a column "Jei Knows It All". She also operates the literacy foundation, (http;//

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