SIGMO Voice Translator Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/04/2013 --With a $15,000 goal the creators of the SIGMO Voice Translator have launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo in support of the little gadget that helps users speak and understand more than twenty-five languages with the touch of a button. Revolutionizing the way travelers and foreigners communicate the tiny translator is the answer to understanding conversation quickly in an unfamiliar environment. Used dually with a free app a SIGMO owner need only speak into the device and it instantly and audibly translates their words in any chosen language. “We came up with the idea while we were traveling and believe in it so much that I and my business partner David Barnett have devoted our careers to the process of bringing our useful product to the marketplace.” said Marti Karrer, Creator of the SIGMO Voice Translator.

The portable SIGMO device has two modes of voice translation. By simply setting the native language, and the language to translate to via a smartphone running an Android or IOS operating system, a user is on their way to clearer communication no matter what the circumstances. SIGMO connects to the smartphone through Bluetooth and the translation itself is made through an already existing service like Google Translate. By pressing the device’s first button and speaking a phrase into it SIGMO will instantly translate and pronounce the words audibly via a small speaker in a language the user has previously selected. By pressing the second button SIGMO will translate speech from the foreign language and instantly say the phrase in the user’s native language. The SIGMO free app allows for the change of languages and the adjustment of speaker volume to suit location and ambient noise levels.

Small in size SIGMO can be worn around the neck, attached to clothing or belts, or strapped to the arm with a special attachment much like a watch. Making bulky dictionaries and slow translations on a mobile device a thing of the past the voice translator is exceptional for vacations abroad and business negotiations with foreigners. The SIGMO voice translator is also perfect for educational purposes.

Hoping to expand SIGMO to an offline version in the future, currently Karrer and Barnett will use the crowdfunding monies raised for improvements to the SIGMO free app and finalization of the model for mass production.

The SIGMO Voice Translator was invented by Marti Karrer in partnership with childhood friend David Barnett. Karrer is a design engineer having enjoyed success early in his career by creating key advances in electronics and software engineering. Barnett is an entrepreneur with experience in international trade and development.

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SIGMO is a California based company. It is owned by Marti Karrer and David Barnett who are the are the inventors of the revolutionary SIGMO language translation device. They aim to bridge the language gap.

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