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Burlington, MA -- (SBWire) -- 09/11/2013 --Customers love to shop online, especially for products or services that are not available in their home area. Most of the time the customer has some kind of idea about what they want to purchase, and they want to get to the site, make the purchase and move on as quickly as possible. Companies who want to build a better shopping experience for their customers will find that the software search tool available at http://www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ will make their site much more powerful.

At www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ they offer one of the most revolutionary pieces of software in e-commerce in the last five years. The site search powered by http://www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ is a tool that harnesses the power of natural language and uses the information about what the customer is searching for to provide better and more relevant search results.

One of the keys to making this happen is by creating the path of least resistance. In the 21st century people rely on their computers to make spelling corrections as they type, and this can be a problem when it comes to a site search. Easyask has both an autocorrect and an autocomplete function that takes a lot of the guesswork out of searching for items on a web site. The purpose is to create a situation where the customer does not have to come up with very specific terms to find the items that they want to purchase, and the site can also suggest products that are related to what the customer wants to purchase.

Companies who use the services at www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ will find an increase in sales and customer satisfaction. With a sleek site design, quality products and an easy way for customers to find the items that they want to purchase, companies can increase their web sales and make online shopping a breeze for their customers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit http://www.easyask.com/products/ecommerce-edition/ or call (800) 425-8200.

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