Chinese Company Phoenix Technologies Increases Production of Asic Chips

Phoenix Technologies increase in production is set to have an impact on the bitcoin market

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/13/2013 --A newcomer to the bitcoin mining community Phoenix Technologies have promised that production of ASIC chips will increase due to a sharp increase in demand. The public release of their bitcoin mining hardware has been met with excitement with social media channels buzzing due to the affordability of their bitcoin miner. The increased production is being reflected in the pricing of the units with prices set to fall. This pricing change is likely to have ramifications in the wider industry as a whole.

Phoenix Technologies production output is due to increase this week to meet the demand of consumers for their line of ASIC bitcoin miner hardware but also to the growing interests in the chip itself. As more companies and start ups realise that virtual currency is here to stay and could be an integral part of the financial system as more retailers online and off line begin to accept bitcoins as currency. One can only speculate on where Phoenix Technologies plans to take the chip technology.

In recent months bitcoin has taken some twists and turns, however the virtual currency is holding its own despite some turbulent times. The availability of the currency is still relatively scarce, so the opportunity is seen as akin to a gold rush by some entrepreneurs. Not all coins are close to being mined. With that said the alternatives that Phoenix Technologies bring to the market will be a much welcome addition for the avid bitcoin miner and the bitcoin industry as a whole.

About Phoenix Technologies
Phoenix Technologies are Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers and distributors, their range of hardware is from 50GH/s to 500GH/s. They also have a 2000GH/x ot 2 TH/s coming soon. They are on course to be a top manufacturer in the bitcoin mining industry. To learn more about the X series or contact the company, please visit:

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