- Hair Loss and Erectile Dysfunction Are History is a new website involved in selling the best generic drugs for male orientated prescription drugs in order to deal with the problems of hair loss and erectile dysfunction to the US market. You can buy the prescription drugs of high quality that are manufactured by the two leading pharmaceutical Indian companies.

Derbyshire, UK -- (SBWire) -- 09/16/2013 is an online space dedicated in treating the two main conditions faced by men in the US, and around the world in general, that include male pattern baldness (hair loss) and erectile dysfunction. The website is brought to you by men who rightly understand these shared conditions. It is dedicated to educating men about the male concerns in detail and to providing verified cost-effective product solutions.

Talking about hair loss in American men, studies show that male pattern baldness affects a majority of men at some point in their lives. There are two leading treatments that can help reverse the effect that include:-

- Rogaine - The vital ingredient in this treatment is ‘minoxidil’ which helps increase the blood flow to hair follicles.

- Propecia - It contains ‘finasteride’, a drug that blocks DHT, the cause of make pattern baldness, in the bloodstream

The aforementioned are the only treatments approved by the FDA for treatment of hair loss. These treatments can be extremely expensive, but with the accessibility of the generic drugs they have become very cost-effective. Generic drugs contain the main active ingredients that are a part of all these treatments. For example, the generic alternative to Propecia, Finpecia, contains the same vital component, finasteride and all generic equivalents are available readily on the website.

The main reasons for erectile dysfunction in men often include psychological implications, excessive smoking, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. The modern male enhancement prescription drugs to maintain erections can help a great deal, and these consist of:-
- Cialis (tadalafil)
- Viagra (sildenafil)
- Levitra (verdenafil)

“I shopped for Tugain Topical Minoxidil Solution after reading about the vital ingredient in Rogaine. It was available through Mansome Meds at a really affordable price. I also compared the price with other branded drugs elsewhere containing the same component, minoxidil, and the prices can be very expensive indeed.” Says Roger H., US (a satisfied’s customer)

About sources the best generic medications to treat hair loss and erectile dysfunction problems from the Indian pharmaceutical giants - Cipla and Ajanta Pharma. The generic drugs that are sourced by the website are equivalent in ingredients, strength and effectiveness to the branded drugs available to the US market.

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