Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. Now Offering Chimney Cleanings for Fall 2013


Willow Grove, PA -- (SBWire) -- 09/16/2013 --As the summer season is ending and the Northeast is once again preparing for the cool breeze of autumn. As the autumn days turn into chilly nights, Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. is pleased to announce that they are now offering their services for chimney and fireplace cleanings during the Fall of 2013. Before the winter comes and homeowners realize their fireplace has been collecting dirt and soot all year, it is imperative that chimneys and home fireplaces be cleaned and serviced.

A chimney fireplace is recommended to be cleaned after every cord of wood is burned or once a year. As a leading chimney cleaning and repair service in Philadelphia, Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. will clean the chimney and check for proper drafting to ensure the fires burn in a way that provides the residents of the home with the ultimate level of comfort.

Failing to get a chimney cleaned could have serious consequences on the homes heating system and lead to increased repair costs down the road. If a customer uses their fireplace intermittently or a select few times in the winter, there could be a number of insects that have made a home in the chimney and will clog the flue when the fireplace is used. During the summer, a buildup of soot, creosote or other dangerous chemicals could interfere with the performance of a chimney and heating system. This could have drastic effects for the house as a whole. The equipment used by the professionals at Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. will ensure safe repairs and sweeping, allowing their customers to snuggle in front of the fireplace all winter long.

Offering a free estimate for a chimney cleaning and repair in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas, Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. will provide top-notch customer service and will work diligently to properly clean any chimney, leaving their customers in complete satisfaction when the frigid winter months roll around. For more information on the services provided by Gannon Chimney Repair Inc., or to make an appointment and receive a free estimate, please call 215-657-1292 or visit their website today.

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Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. has served Willow Grove, PA and surrounding areas for over 40 years by maintaining, repairing and cleaning fireplaces and chimneys. Customers in need of finding the right solutions for their homes or businesses can contact the company for professional service. The skilled masonry craftsmen employed by Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. have years of experience in brick work. By listening to the ideas from their customers, Gannon is able to complete any job at an affordable price.

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