Form Logger Count Down to the Release of Snoopie Script for Abandoned Forms

SimplCode's Snoopie Script can be installed on any forms on any website (contact forms, e-commerce systems, etc) to attract customers who have left midway through a transaction back to your website.

San Jose, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/18/2013 --For every e-commerce website, whether it sells a product or a service, there are few things more frustrating than form abandonment. The sales equivalent of falling at the final hurdle, form abandonment happens when a potential customer, having added something to their shopping cart or begun to subscribe, stops midway through the transaction and does not return to the website. Luckily for e-commerce webmasters everywhere, the guys at SimplCode have come up with a brilliant solution and are counting down to the release of their form abandonment, form logger script, Snoopie.

The Snoopie script is a lightweight, cost effective script that can be added to every form on a website with ease and enables webmasters to see the details entered into the box prior to when the form was abandoned, often gleaning essential contact details that can allow the communications team to chase up the prospect with incentives or to ask for evaluative feedback to review their strategy.

The SimplCode team have research and detailed statistics revealing that 44% of abandonments happen because users are unhappy with shipping charges, 27% leave to check competitors’ prices and 41% of users are simply not ready to purchase yet. All these can be ascertained and overcome by a personal email appeal offering either discounts, incentives or one on one communication to help close more sales.

A spokesperson from explained, “The statistics speak for themselves, and the script is easy enough to install that webmasters can start chasing up abandoned prospects with incentives and special offers designed to help them commit to a sale in much the same way a retail assistant would do in a physical store- often people abandon forms for relatively small reasons that can be easily overcome with a personal appeal or concession- our form gives e-commerce a means to do that that has not been previously available to them, opening up a new market in retrieved sales.”

About SimplCode
SimplCode creates in-site software that allows for additional functionality for webmasters in researching demographics and following up leads. Their latest product is Snoopie, a form abandonment software that allows webmasters to capture users email addresses entered into a form even, if it was not submitted. This allows webmasters to contact potential customers to entice them to return to the website. For more information, please visit:

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