Danziger and De Llano Law Firm Announces It Is Now Filing Lawsuits for Victims of Actos

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 09/18/2013 --Danziger and De Llano, a law firm based in Houston, Texas, has just announced that it is filing lawsuits for victims of the Actos drug. As an article on the firm’s website, http://www.dandell.com/dangerous-drugs/actos-lawsuit/, explains, Actos is one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States, and is used to treat people with type 2 diabetes.

As the article notes, Actos was designed to help make a person’s cells more receptive to insulin, so it can do its job properly and help process glucose. Unfortunately, the drug, which is classified as a thiazolidinedione, or TZD medication, has had its first two releases pulled from the market due to some extremely serious side effects involving the cardiovascular system.

Recently, Actos was identified as causing another possibly fatal side effect—the development of bladder tumors. As the article, http://dandell.com/dangerous-drugs/actos-lawsuit/, explained, type 2 diabetics who have taken Actos have shown a higher risk of being diagnosed with bladder cancer.

The French Agency for the Safety of Health Products, which is similar to the United States Food and Drug Administration, also pulled Actos off the market because of a study conducted by French National Health Insurance that found a “marked rise” in bladder cancer in patients who took the drug. In addition, physicians in Germany have been warned not to prescribe Actos, and the FDA has now announced their concerns for people who take the drug for more than one year.

“If you are one of the many people who trusted that the manufacturer of Actos had created a medication that would be safe for you to take, and now you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer, the experienced attorneys at Danziger and De Llano can help,” the article noted, adding that the firm has worked with families for over 20 years who have been impacted by the negligence of drug manufacturers.

“We know what is needed to file a successful Actos lawsuit and get you the justice you deserve in the face of the drug company’s actions.”

Anybody whose health, or whose loved one’s health, was negatively impacted by Actos is welcome to visit the Danziger and De Llano website at any time; there, they can read in-depth information about the drug and the law firm. Those who wish to schedule an appointment to discuss their legal options may call 866-222-9990.

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