BCRC Helps Consumers Search Credit Repair by State

BestCreditRepairCompanys.com has updated their review site to include geo pages which identify credit repair companies in a specific state.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/18/2013 --BestCreditRepairCompany.com (BCRC) has improved their website by including a feature that allows consumers to search credit repair companies by state. These "geo pages" will help consumers that are looking for a credit repair agency that is close to their residence. The BCRC expert staff has created a "U.S. Regions" page that will allow site visitors to find the credit repair companies in their state.

"Our credit repair experts have found an increasing number of people looking for credit repair services in the area they are living in," Jane Kingsley, BCRC Director of Reviews, said. "To assist in the consumers' search, we have decided to create geo pages for our credit repair profiles."

Customers do not necessarily need to enlist the services of a local credit repair company, but some find it reassuring to have the ability to go to the office and discuss the details of their credit in person. While most people conduct their credit repair efforts over the phone or via email, BCRC wants to accommodate all consumers, which includes those individuals who are more comfortable hiring a credit repair company that is located in their state.

"Location and availability are important to some consumers and we want to help them in any way we can," Kingsley expressed. "We are constantly working for way to improve our website to better serve the consumer."

Site visitors can find the "U.S. Regions" link at the bottom of the BCRC home page. Once a visitor has clicked on the U.S. Regions page, they will be able to click on their desired state and find a list of the credit repair companies that are in that state. The credit repair companies will be listed in order from best to worst score. All companies are given a score based on the criterion developed by the BCRC expert credit repair review staff.

"We believe that breaking these pages down to a state level will ensure the easiest means of navigation," Kingsley explained. "The content on the geo pages can be easily consumed and will be beneficial to the customers looking for credit repair in their state.

The BCRC staff will continue to look for way to improve the overall consumer experience.

To view credit repair company profiles, visit the BCRC website.

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