hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offer Medically Guided Diet Plans That Promote Natural & Safe Weight Loss & a Reduced Risk of Endometrial Cancer

Just as a high fat diet poses a greater risk for heart disease and stroke, this same diet can increase the risk of endometrial cancer. Diet Doc offers medically guided diet plans that help women lose excess weight naturally and safely.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/18/2013 --A new study that was published in the American Institute of Cancer Research, and reported on by Medical News Today, reveals that drinking coffee, physical exercise, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer, a cancer of the lining of the womb. According to the report, endometrial cancer is the 6th most common cancer among women in America and approximately 50,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Symptoms of endometrial cancer may include vaginal bleeding and/or discharge, as well as lower abdominal pain during intercourse. Along with enjoying a healthy diet and maintaining a balanced weight, the study also indicates that moderate coffee consumption may also reduce the risk of this cancer.

Decades of scientific research have allowed the professionals at Diet Doc to offer a safe and natural solution for women of all body sizes and shapes to get back on the road to improved health and to reduce the risk of developing a multitude of weight related diseases, including endometrial cancer, by losing excess weight with medically guided prescription hCG diet plans.

In the 1950s, researcher, Dr. A.T. W. Simeons discovered that the hCG hormone, which is produced in the placenta of pregnant women, was beneficial in promoting quick weight loss when the dieter followed a dangerously low, 500 calorie per day diet. Simeons followers did successfully achieve weight loss; however, the low caloric intake was not sufficient to sustain the body and posed serious and significant health compromise to the patients.

Today, benefiting from decades of scientific research, Diet Doc can offer hCG diet plans that are safer and more effective than the outdated 1950s hCG diet plans. By increasing the daily allowable caloric intake and incorporating a wider range of delicious and healthy food choices and scientifically designed nutrition plans, dieters are losing weight rapidly without suffering side effects. Qualified patients will receive Diet Doc’s pure, prescription hCG which, when combined with diet plans that are customized for each patient, sends a powerful signal to the brain instructing the release of stored fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy. The result is natural, safe and quick weight loss with the majority of patients reporting the noticeable loss of pounds and inches within days of beginning the hCG diet plans.

Prior to beginning the hCG diet plans, each patient must complete an extensive medical history evaluation which is followed by a consultation with an in-house Diet Doc board certified physician. This detailed evaluation is conducted via the telephone, and allows the doctors to review the patient’s entire system, helping to identify and resolve any barriers that may have been preventing quick weight loss in the past. Qualified patients will then work with certified nutritionists to develop hCG diet plans that are uniquely created in consideration of each patient’s personal nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs.

Prescription hCG is made available to Diet Doc clients and is offered via painless injectable solution, sublingual tablets or oral hCG drops. Because of convenience, as well as its ability to promote more quick weight loss while naturally suppressing the appetite and preventing muscle loss during dieting, injectable prescription hCG is the most preferred among patients. Regardless of the method of prescription hCG delivery, the powerful combination of the tailor made hCG diet plans and prescription hCG results in natural, safe, and quick weight loss.

With a prescription hCG diet plan from Diet Doc, dieters receive complete medical supervision while learning how to lose weight fast and safely. The Diet Doc hCG diet plan teaches clients how to get the nutrients needed for safe and quick weight loss with prescription hCG treatments and a customized nutrition plan. The company’s goal is to gently guide each patient toward a future of improved health by losing excess fat now while teaching how to manage weight to keep it off permanently, helping to avoid a multitude of weight related diseases and conditions, now including endometrial cancer.

The professionals at Diet Doc urge every woman to take the first step to a future of improved health and to reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by losing excess weight with Diet Doc’s medically guided, natural and quick weight loss programs. Call today to schedule a confidential and complementary consultation.

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