How to Get Your Good Posture Back: Try the Word's 1st at-Home Posture Back Machine

Poor posture is NOT an inevitable ‘fact of life’ as we age. There are very specific reasons why poor posture occurs as we get older. If you want to get your good posture back, here you can learn why poor posture happens in the first place & then how to easily correct it before it’s too late.

Carpentersville, IL -- (SBWire) -- 09/19/2013 --Practically every facet of the human body deteriorates to some degree as we age. Whether it’s short term memory, the ability to sleep, the ability to lose weight, eyesight, or joint pain; it seems that most of these things are unavoidable; but one ‘right of passage’ as we age is 100% avoidable and that’s poor posture.

We’ve all see the old man shuffling his feet along the sidewalk with hunched over posture and his pants seemingly pulled up to his waist. I bet he’d like to get his good posture back. The reason his pants are pulled up so far is because he is actually shrinking (losing height) and, obviously, isn’t buying new pants that fit him to accommodate the new height. To most, the idea of shrinking for from poor posture is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be.

To understand why this occurs first you must understand the bio-mechanisms that cause poor posture in the first place. Admittedly, most of the tissue in our body loses some viscosity (thickness) as we age. When applied to the biomechanics of poor posture this means that most of our cartilage and connective tissue begins to soften and lose thickness as we age. This would explain some of the overall spine shrinkage that occurs. Quite simply, the discs between each vertebra in the spine are not and will not be as thick as they used to be but, in most cases, this thinning of the discs does not have to be cosmetically noticeable. The main reason people exhibit poor posture as they age is because of daily habits. Yes. Daily habits.

From the first time we are able to walk to the end of our lives, everything we tend to do is done in front of the spine, which makes sense because this is where our eyes are located. You have to see what you are doing right? This is unavoidable. Think about the position of your spine as you are doing ‘things’ in front of your face. In many cases, through sheer necessity, the spine has to curve forward to some degree. This forward curvature is exacerbated even more during certain activities like driving a car, working on the computer, texting, sitting on the couch watching TV; and there are lots of jobs that absolutely require a hunched forward position to do them effectively: hair dresser, cashier, landscaper, office work at the computer, driving, most carpentry & repair work, etc. It seems overwhelming when you consider how many things people have to do in life that, quite literally, forces the spine to curve forward. During a lifetime of these daily tasks that have to done in front of the face, the spine and associated musculature begins to misalign into a forward curving position, hence poor posture. Once poor posture sets-in, it can feel very comfortable/natural/normal to those who are afflicted, that is, until the low back pain starts.

Poor posture has long been the bane of the medical profession because the only way to permanently correct poor posture, after it sets in, is by realigning postural muscles. This is best accomplished through targeted stretching & strengthening of these muscles. Once the postural muscles are realigned/rebalanced the spine will become realigned with them because the retrained muscles will guide the spine back into proper alignment. Unfortunately, there aren’t many posture products that use targeted stretching & strengthening to rebalance posture muscles and there is ONLY one that does it in one simple motion from the comfort of your home. You can review this posture exercise machine at the websites listed below.

Poor posture does not have to be a fact of life as we age because getting your good posture back has never been easier thanks to this at home posture exercise machine.

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