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Boston, MA -- (SBWire) -- 09/23/2013 --Social marketplace with a variety of options makes Explorite a useful tool to students who can easily buy, sell, exchange services and goods at affordable prices as well as find roommates, housing, internships and jobs.

Explorite is best described as a social marketplace for college students who can purchase and sell goods and services. The website has the aim of beating Craigslist by providing trust while at the same time enticing advertisers with niche targeting. In the Explorite website, students will surely love the simple interface with the properly laid out categories such as Shop, Services, Textbooks, Housing and Jobs. For students in search for used college books , Explorite is the best source. For students wondering where to sell used college books , they can easily advertise at the website. It is a known fact that brand new books can be too expensive, thus students who are under a budget can use Explorite to find the used college books that they need at affordable prices.

The category of Textbooks on the Explorite website is further divided based on the subject. In doing so, it will make finding used college books a lot easier. The subjects covered in the website include accounting, algebra, architecture, business & finance, biology, calculus, communications, computer science, engineering, economics, history, mathematics, management, marketing, microbiology, physiology, physics, psychology, political science, statistics, sociology and writing. Aside from college books, Explorite also offers various items for sale such as clothing, furniture, appliances, school supply, electronics, sporting goods, cars, music & movies, video games and many more.

Explorite works in a simple way. It is a known fact that meeting people can be dangerous especially if they are unknown. It is recommended to meet in a public place where other people are around. Using Explorite to purchase items is easy. One has to search for the items needed and notify the seller through phone or a direct message. The buying details are negotiated and the deal is made where both parties will meet on campus. For students who are selling used college books , the initial step is to list the items. The seller will be notified by phone or direct message so that negotiations are made and once the deal is made, the meeting place is on the campus.

About Explorite
The website was established by Adi Pellumbi at Salem State University along with cofounders at Boston University in Massachusetts. Explorite was given the approval to be part of the BU ITEC Startup Camp program along with other similar startups. The main objective of the website is to help students save money on used college books as well as other goods and services.

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Phone: 774-234-7472
Email: contact@explorite.com
Website: http://www.explorite.com

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