Your Forex Directory Expands Offerings to Include Gold Company Reviews

Advises Investors of Best Platforms and Companies To Invest On The Forex Market

Dallas, TX -- (SBWire) -- 09/23/2013 --The forex market or the Foreign Exchange, is the fastest growing marketplace in the world, according to industry statistics. Ten years ago, the only investors in the forex market were the large hedge funds, bankers and investors with large bankrolls, says Chris Manning, spokesperson of Your Forex Directory, an online resource of articles and information about Forex, Gold and Oil trading. "Today, there are practically a zillion brokers and trading platforms available with various options and procedures."

With this in mind, Your Forex Directory, already successful in the industry for its website offering reviews, articles and information regarding the best forex brokers, platforms and systems has expanded its website to include reviews of the Best IRA gold companies, posting a recent Regal Assets review on their site. Says Manning, "Gold has been a world standard for finances for many years and even throughout the centuries. Gold has been bought, sold and in more recent years, traded openly on the world market. This metal has been responsible for people gaining and losing massive fortunes over the years. It'Â?Â?s little wonder, then, that people would be interested in online Gold trading today. As a matter of fact, it is a type of finance that has now come of age."

Manning explains about gold trading, saying, "In order for newcomers to the Forex market to participate in online Gold trading, they are going to have to utilize a forex broker. Regardless of whether you are using a forex account or if you are trading on the stock market, a broker will have to intervene in order to buy and sell for you. This can easily be done through a forex trading platform. However, most newbies have no idea where to start. With the proper research on sites such as ours, the newcomer can find honest reviews, solid advice and platforms that will work for him."

Manning concludes, "If you are really interested in trying to make some money with your investment, you might want to consider investing in Gold futures with a margin account. You need to be cautious, however, whenever you are trading in futures such as this. The price of gold does tend to move and if it happens to move in the wrong direction, you could lose out. Of course, you are not dedicated to buying the gold whenever you are purchasing futures but you do have to put down a security in order to do so."

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