Stretching and Flexibility: Safety Steps

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/24/2013 --Many exercise enthusiasts work hard to maintain cardiovascular health and peak physical form. One essential element of fitness that many often neglect is the importance of stretching and creating flexibility Experts maintain that stretching after a workout is not only valuable for increasing fitness performance, but can also help in preventing injury, though the stretches do need to be performed correctly.

Flexibility refers to the range of motion for a given joint, with the degree of flexibility being influenced by how well the surrounding muscles and connective tissues stretch. Stretching, on the other hand, refers to the movements taken to increase flexibility. Unless there is an injury, reduced range of motion is often caused by tight, stiff muscles, and can lead to chronic pain and improper posture. Though, hyper flexibility can also lead to injuries as muscles which are too loose may be weak and cause instability in the joints.

With these differences in mind, and knowledge of what steps to take, it is easy to incorporate proper stretching exercises into your daily routine. The first rule to perform stretches at the proper time. Make sure the muscles are warmed before holding the poses. Stretching before exercise can cause muscle fibers to tear more easily. Like rubber bands that are too stretchy, muscles that are overly elastic must work harder to generate the level of power needed for physical performance.

Another rule is to keep the stretches static and unmoving. Experts recommend moving slowly into the stretch, keeping good posture, and once there hold for approximately 10-30 seconds, or until you feel the muscle release. Don’t push yourself to reach farther than your muscles allow. Stretching takes time and the slower you move the better it is for your body.

Perform a set of stretches, again holding 10-30 seconds, for each group of muscles. A whole stretching sequence should take you no more than 2-5 minutes depending on how it feels. This extra time spent working on your flexibility and caring for your muscles will be rewarded by quicker performance, recovery time, and better athleticism in all your activities.

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