Union Roofing Now Offering Siding Installation Services This October

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWire) -- 09/26/2013 --Whenever a storm hits or the winds are unbearable, individuals retreat into the comfort of their own homes for warmth and safety. Though the home is the safest place for families and individuals, it’s the home itself that is taking a beating. All the inclement weather and heavy winds cause the siding of the home to experience a form of wear and tear. Siding is what makes the home attractive and while the color may be fading or the paint is chipping, Union Roofing is happy to announce that they are now offering siding installation and repair services this October 2013.

Siding installed by a roofer in Philadelphia from Union Roofing will be durable, versatile, and water resistant. The water resistant siding will keep the energy inside the home and increase the longevity of the structure. Union Roofing also offers the advantage of new siding with customized insulation to keep the air filtration in the home at a maximum, and insulation beneath the side covering.

There are many different types of siding, from wood to metal to vinyl to masonry, all of which can be chosen by the client, and all of which can make the home stand out in the neighborhood. While each piece of material has different levels of toughness towards harsh weather, the professionals will communicate with their clients and make sure that the person or family is aware of how a particular material can help increase the longevity of the siding as well as the value of the property.

Vinyl siding is becoming ever more popular amongst homeowners after it replaced aluminum as a more durable and efficient siding material. This style is easy to install and comes at a cheaper price than most wood style siding. With vinyl siding, the customer will be required to provide very little maintenance. Every piece of property installed by this roofing company in Philadelphia comes with a 30-year guarantee and emergency repair service.

For more information about the types of siding that Union Roofing will install or to inquire about a free estimate for the property, please call 215-464-6425 or visit the website today.

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The Philadelphia and New Jersey based roofing company is proud to provide home and commercial property owners quality services on every single project. Union Roofing makes it their goal to meet every client’s requirements and satisfaction whether it is repairs or installations for every residential and commercial need.

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