Guerilla Marketing for Attorneys

Orlando, FL -- (SBWire) -- 11/19/2009 -- Marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson is the father of Guerilla Marketing and the Guerilla Marketing Association. The Association has recently appointed prominent Tampa tax attorney, Darrin Mish as a Guerilla Rainmaker.

Just what is meant by Guerilla Marketing in the first place? As the name suggests, Guerilla Marketing is a special way of marketing that uses unconventional, constantly evolving means to market goods and services. Traditional marketing almost always revolves around advertising. The more marketing you want to do, the more money you would throw into advertising your goods and services. This practice is common to virtually every industry, including the legal industry. But Guerilla Marketing focuses on the actual sales activities using strategic partnerships, branding, automation, technology and product creation to produce goods and services that people are going to value and share with others. In short, Guerilla Marketing takes traditional marketing to a whole new level.

Guerilla Marketing concepts have been tremendously effective to everybody who has implemented them into their business including attorneys. Thus, Guerilla Marketing for attorneys means introducing their legal services to potential clients.

A Guerilla Rainmaker (GR) is a person who is a business leader and decision-maker in his organization be it the entrepreneur, small business owner, CEO, VP, Sales Manager, Marketing Director etc. He is one who is not just able to make things happen for himself, but for others in the organization also. Thus, rainmaking refers to the act of making things profitable for everyone, like how rain falls on all at the same time. A rainmaker creates opportunities for everyone in their organization, making it rain profits using big ideas, big projects, reaching multiple people in multiple ways at multiple times.

Such a man is Darrin Mish, a leading tax attorney in Tampa, Florida who operates his own legal firm, the Law Offices of Darrin T. Mish PA. With 16 years experience and having represented over 2,500 clients, Mr. Mish is rated a maximum 10 on the Avvo rating, an independent agency that rates lawyers to enable the public to find good and reputable lawyers for their legal needs.

Being a Guerilla Rainmaker, Darrin stays on the cutting edge of Guerilla Marketing, seamlessly weaving the power of the Internet into acquiring new clients. He has started a website, that aims to help lawyers learn how to unleash the full potential of the Internet to promote their legal services. This is law firm marketing at its best.

To discover how and Darrin Mish can help boost your business, call (813) 251-2299.

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