Launches First Metro Specific Website on Delhi has come out with its first Metro specific Website. The first offering is on Delhi considering it will host the Commonwealth Games next year. The metro guide Mumbai would follow suit.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh -- (SBWire) -- 11/25/2009 -- one of India’s reputed names in Online Travel Space has today launched its first Metro specific Website on Delhi.

Mr. Ankit Rastogi, Business Head of provided the details regarding the dimensions of this new website.

“The new website on Delhi comes as a first in the series of websites that were mooted on the Metro cites of India. The Delhi website is just not yet another clichéd guide following the oft-repeated track of providing information on tourist spots, nightlife or food joints. Rather this small effort is targeted towards serving the most important segment of tourism which is accommodation.”

Mr. Rastogi asserted that amidst the deluge of websites and guides complete with fancy maps and local searches available on Delhi not a single one is dedicated towards solving the accommodation blues based on precise geography and location details. With Commonwealth Games knocking on the doors a website delving on such specific dimensions is bound to become purposeful

“Out of the all the queries we receive on Delhi in IHR platform, more often than not the majority of such is related to accommodation worries. Delhi has grown manifolds and it is very difficult for a normal middle class family visiting Delhi for pleasure or for work to scout hotels according to their personal preferences. The hotels are there but no organized database exists for them that are sorted in an user friendly way to suit a broad range of parameters.”

After considerable research primarily at the ground levels we are out with a guide some sort of an industry first that is focused and tackles only that it intends to. We have tried to segregate the most feasible budget accommodation options according to direction, locality, shopping zones, metro stations along with the major hubs in and around Railway Station, Inter State Bus Terminuses and Airports.” Remarked Rastogi.

“Trust IHR to provide the same accurate level of information as we have done in the past for the largest range of budget hotels. So for example if we provide information on the nearest hotel from Qutub Minar it would be for sure a hotel for the middle classes and not any from the premier but out of reach properties. Along with the largest range of accommodation the Delhi website would also focus on things that can be used in real time like chaotic traffic points in Delhi, Drive-inns on the Highway etal. ” Explained Mr. Rastogi

On the concluding note Mr. Rastogi said that more guides on other Metros are in the offing with the one in Mumbai next in toe.

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