Cellulite Reduction Secrets Revealed by Joey Atlas

CelluliteProcedures.com lets women in on the best and latest cellulite reduction secrets by means of a review on Joey Atlas’ Truth about Cellulite e-book.

Denver, CO -- (SBWire) -- 10/08/2013 --The manual speaks about the Symulast method created by Atlas, which is described by the magazine as one of the most revolutionary cellulite reduction secrets.

Symulast stands for Synergetic Muscular Layer Stimulation. In simpler words, the magazine describes this process as a stimulation of the inner muscular layer, which becomes saggy when it isn't properly stimulated by means of exercising or an active lifestyle. The lack of proper stimulation causes the muscles to atrophy and form skin dimples.

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The magazine tells that this secret was discovered by fitness guru Joey Atlas after a friend came to him for help, knowing that he is specialized in the female body structure. It didn't take a lot of research for the author to understand how cellulite is formed and what cases it. Once he understood the causes, he figured out how to deal with them by means of exercising, informs the publication.

According to Cellulite Procedures magazine, Joey Atlas’ Symulast method is based on specific, targeted lower body movements that have three components: Form, Tempo, and Sequence. All these movements and components are thoroughly explained in Atlas’ book, Truth about Cellulite. The e-book also contains a video presentation that explains women how to perform the exercises correctly.

In addition, the author provides a diet plan that contains useful information on what to eat and what foods to avoid combating cellulite and making the skin smoother and softer. These cellulite reduction secrets have helped thousands of women worldwide get rid of this unpleasant and frustrating condition, says the magazine.

CelluliteProcedures.com advises all women who want to eliminate cellulite within just 28 days to read Joey Atlas’ Truth about Cellulite e-book and find all about his Symulast method. As long as they remain motivated and committed to the program, the magazine guarantees they will be able to show off their beautifully sculpted body in confidence.

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