Electronic Cigarette by Vapourbase Helping 5000 Customers Break Free of Tobacco Cigarettes

Leicestershire, UK -- (SBWire) -- 10/11/2013 --One year after starting their company Vapourbase, the electronic cigarette company announces it has helped 5000 UK customers change their tobacco smoking habit.

Vapourbase owners opened their shop with the intention to offer an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They have been able to stop their own tobacco cigarette smoking habit by changing to e cigarettes “It’s hard to believe that it’s only been one year since we initially started the company and we would like to say thanks to the community to whom we owe many thanks for their support. Thanks to the great feedback we receive, Vapourbase is really maturing as a product base for electric smoking. We have added a ton of new products and we have some really exciting products on tap for the rest of the year,” say the owners of Vapourbase.

According to vapourbase.net, an e cigarette (vapour cigarette, e cig or e cigarette for short) is a nicotine vapourizing device that supplies a nicotine/flavour solution called e liquid to provide smokers their nicotine without exposing them to the cancerous carcinogens found in tobacco. The device works when the electronic cigarette user draws on the end of the electronic cigarette in which the e liquid is stored inside the cartridge. The e cigarette is triggered either automatically or through the use of a button found on the electronic cigarette battery which activates the battery which then powers the electronic cigarette’s atomizer. Instead of producing a smoke that is inhaled and exhaled, the atomizer heats the e liquid, creating a smoke-like vapour which is inhaled by the user, carrying the diluted nicotine to the lungs.

One of the benefits of using e cigarettes is the variety of e liquid flavours available. New flavours are being made and tested all the time with more common e liquid flavours including various tobacco flavours, menthol, cherry, and the RY series.

Vapourbase offers a variety of e cigarette products including e cigarette kits complete with eGo batteries, clearomizers, usb chargers and e liquid. The website also carries a variety of clearomizers sold separately as well as batteries and chargers, numerous e liquid flavours, and other vaping accessories.

About Vapourbase
The Vapourbase company is run by a husband and wife team who were once smokers. They started using electronic cigarettes about two years ago and then decided to build their own shop based on their experience of using electronic cigarettes. For more information, visit http://www.vapourbase.net

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