Map of the Spirit: Ground-Breaking New Book Reveals How Treating the Spirit Can Cure Disease

Written by integrative/holistic physician, Michael F. Cantwell MD, MPH, ‘Map of the Spirit: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spirit’ presents the first truly universal approach for helping readers determine how much spirituality is affecting their health. Offering bold guidance for healing the spiritual roots of disease, the book will strike a chord with readers of all beliefs.

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 10/14/2013 --San Francisco, CA – Readers seeking healing or spiritual growth can achieve life-changing results from a powerful new book by Michael F. Cantwell MD, MPH. ‘Map of the Spirit’ explores and clarifies the process by which people determine and then live out their spiritual beliefs—the process of human spiritual development. This universal process offers a radically new, yet simple way to diagnose and treat the spirit and the connection between spirituality and health.


‘Map of the Spirit’ presents a universal framework of human spiritual development—the process by which people construct and then live out their spiritual beliefs. Everyone, regardless of their particular spiritual beliefs, passes through the same four stages of spiritual development—the Pre-awareness, Awareness, Commitment, and Union Stages. Blockages in this process give rise to Spiritual Stress, the spiritual roots of disease.

Treating Spiritual Stress can both bring deep, lasting peace and heal disease. Supported by clinical evidence and using many patient examples and a simple, questionnaire-based approach, ‘Map of the Spirit’ helps anyone determine, quickly and easily:

- How much spirituality is affecting their health,
- Where they are in the course of their spiritual development, and
- How to treat their spirits and the spiritual roots of disease.

As the author explains, this book’s approach to spirituality and health is both timely and urgently needed.

“For centuries, we’ve searched for a way to describe and treat the spiritual aspect of health. ‘Map of the Spirit,’ at long last, gives us the framework we need to treat the whole person, to treat the Body, Mind, and Spirit,” says Cantwell.

The author continues by saying, “This book is radical and ground-breaking for several reasons. First, its simple, universal approach lets anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, determine where they are in the course of their spiritual development. In addition, anyone can use it to determine how to advance spiritually. And lastly, it reveals how treating the spirit and the spiritual roots of disease can improve or even cure many diseases.”

Cantwell adds, “For those who are sick, ‘Map of the Spirit’ offers the hope that treating the spirit can improve or even cure their diseases. For those who are not sick, ‘Map of the Spirit’ gives them the blueprint for spiritual growth and deep, lasting peace.” For any reader seeking either healing or peace, this book is a must-read.

‘Map of the Spirit’, published by Hillhaven Press, is available for purchase now in paperback or e-book formats (ePub and Kindle/mobi) online at or (

ISBN #: (paperback) 978-0-9832704-0-9, (ePub) 978-0-9832704-1-6, (Kindle/mobi) 978-0-9832704-2-3

About the Author: Michael F. Cantwell
Map of the Spirit emerged from the clinical work of integrative/holistic physician, Michael F. Cantwell MD, MPH. Dr. Cantwell currently practices at Rising Phoenix Integrative Medicine Center in San Francisco, CA. Previously, he practiced at the Institute for Health and Healing Clinic, in San Francisco, one of the largest and most prestigious integrative medicine centers in the country, and was its Lead Physician from 1998-2003 and 2007-2013. Dr. Cantwell's work has been recognized nationally through many lectures, professional publications, and service on the first National Advisory Council for the National Center for Complementary/ Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) of the National Institutes for Health (NIH).

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