The BODY-ALINE Back & Posture Exercise Machine Provides 3 Proven Posture Exercises for Seniors in One Easy (And Safe) Motion

Posture Exercises for seniors can be a bit tricky. The BODY-ALINE back & posture exercise machine provides 3 proven posture exercises for seniors in one easy (and safe) motion.

Carpentersville, IL -- (SBWire) -- 10/18/2013 --Seniors have to take special precautions before engaging in almost any and all forms of exercise. This is especially true when it comes to posture exercises for seniors because posture exercises for seniors (or anyone else for that matter) always involve the spine and the particularly ‘tricky’ group of muscles located on and in between the shoulder blades, otherwise known as the mid-trapezius muscles.

The first thing to consider when determining proper posture exercises for seniors is safety; this is done by assessing the quality of the senior’s posture first with the following questions:

1. Is there a Dowager’s Hump present? If there is a Dowager’s Hump present then it is recommended to get permission from the senior’s doctor in order to perform any and all forms of exercise – not just posture exercises.
2. To what degree is the spine curved forward? This can be assessed by determining the angle between the front of the senior’s head and the front of the waist. If this angle is above 8 degrees then their posture can be considered severe and it is recommended to get permission from the senior’s doctor in order to perform any and all forms of exercise. If between 5 & 8 degrees, then mild and most forms of exercise are safe. If under 5 degrees, then normal. Either way, if the senior’s spine is curved forward at all, posture exercises are a good idea to prevent more forward curvature.
3. Is there any pain or undue comfort when the neck, spine & shoulders are put through normal ranges of motion? This can be accomplished by rotating the shoulders with arm movement, tilting the head from front to back and side-to-side, along with bending forward, backward and side-to-side at the waist. If pain occurs, then it is recommended to get permission from the senior’s doctor to do any form of exercise.

Once you, or a doctor, have determined that the senior is safe and able to perform posture exercises for seniors then it is time to determine a proper posture exercise program.

The best and safest program must provide exercises that can be done in a timely manner, are easy-to-do, safe, and effective. Thus far, there is one posture correction product on the market that has been proven to provide the best combination of all 4 factors above, and this is the BODY-ALINE back strengthening & posture correction machine. It allows a senior, or anyone else for that matter, to perform posture exercises from a seated position with one simple in less than 2 minutes a day. Plus, the BODY-ALINE provides immediate positive feedback/results because most users can feel it working after the very first use, as in, quite literally, stand-up taller and straighter directly out of the machine after the very first use and every use after that. This level of instant gratification will increase the chances of the user in terms of continuing the BODY-ALINE posture treatment. Therefore, the use of the BODY-ALINE back and posture exercise machine is the ONLY ‘posture exercises for seniors program’ that we recommend. To learn more about the BODY-ALINE, please click on either of the website links below and you will be taken to the homepage of each respective site.

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