Singapore's Divine Intro Answers Single Christian's Prayers

Singapore -- (SBWire) -- 10/21/2013 --Seeing a gap in the market, Jacqueline Potter launched an innovative service designed to help single Christians in Singapore find a marriage partner. The Department of Statistics in Singapore has found that more than half of its citizens are unmarried. There are a number of reasons why this trend exists, compiled with a low birth rate, among Christians. It is most likely that the rigorous work ethic, high cost of living, and other factors have contributed to the problem of singleness in Singapore.

Many Christians face the same problem the rest of the population does in trying to find the person they want to be with. Work seems to take up the majority of their lives. They dread the idea of a blind date. Many are too nervous to ask out people they find attractive. These are relatively common challenges for single people. Taking a cue from Western businesses, Mrs. Potter, who met her husband on a Christian matchmaking site more than seven years ago, decided to fund a similar site for single Christians in Singapore. The site was embraced by hundreds of Christians in its first month of operation back in 2011, and continues to grow to this day.

It has been presumed by some that in the digital age, everything should be easier, quicker, and more efficient. The assumption is that whether one wants to watch a favorite TV show, get a recipe or even order food, the internet is supposed to make everything easier, and this includes dating and courtship. With the highest per capita use of IOS devices, Singapore is an excellent candidate, or test bed, for an online matchmaking service. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of dating sites in the West that are focused upon helping believers elsewhere find their perfect match. The problem is that very few of them take into account a Christian’s perspective. This has left many Singapore singles feeling left out from the newest internet craze.

Fortunately, for Christians in Singapore, Divine Intro came along several years ago. The website is similar to other popular dating platforms in that it allows members to post pictures, and exchange messages in secret, but where it differs is that it seeks to bring together like minded Christians. With 18% of Singapore’s population identifying as Christians, with figures likely higher, there are certainly a large number of potential matches to meet and marry.

Of course, Christians may have a few extra concerns that Divine intro seeks to answer. Many devout believers may not feel comfortable going out to bars or clubs to look for love. Mrs. Potter and her team also surmised that a lot of Christians do not like the idea of dating someone from their church, especially for fear that if things did not work out well dating, it could cause an awkward rift when seeing the person every Sunday at worship. Moreover a number of members on the website feel that church is a place meant primarily for worship and not for trying to find a date. Additionally, many more Christians simply do not know how to broach the conversation of their religion and its importance, especially in the workplace, where they spend most of their time.

Divine Intro takes care of all these concerns. By being open to all Christians in Singapore, regardless of denominational affiliation, the website guarantees a wide cross-section of people that go to many different churches around the island. The issue of bringing up their religion is handled up front in the initial questionnaire that all members have to fill out, and the results actually make for a good topic of conversation between members, who can choose to search for matches based upon their own responses to the questionnaire. And because all the heavy lifting gets done through the ease of the website, Christians in Singapore can carry on with their busy lives.

The website still allows dating to take center stage, though. Singles can upload their pictures, create a profile and chat with other singles they are interested in meeting. Run by local Christians and free to join, is hoping to become the solution so many Christian singles in Singapore have been looking for: a dating site that does not disadvantage them for their beliefs.

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