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nrg is one of the top brand of bathroom mirrors, the mirror designs are included lighted mirror, both in led and tube, heated mirror of fog free,framed mirror to hang to wall.

Fengxian, Shanghai -- (SBWire) -- 10/22/2013 --Homeowners in the urban cities are adopting illusion to provide their homes with the impression of having more space. One of the methods in this illusionary tactic is the use of a LED mirror in small bathrooms. These products are capable of transforming an ordinary bathroom to appear an extraordinarily sophisticated space and are an increasingly popular trend among urban homeowners. Companies across the globe provide a wide range of LED bathroom mirrors that can be availed in different colors, sizes, and qualities.

The various products can be grouped in four categories, which include illuminated, LED with socket, lit up, and lit up cabinets. These lights provide the bathrooms a cleaner and wider appearance and the advanced technology ensures the mirror never become misty. Moreover, the entire surrounding area is illuminated brightly while enhancing the comfort of the entire space. Another benefit of using these products is the reduced power consumption along with its longer durability. The LED lights come in different sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, square, or round making this adaptability to all the various kinds of bathrooms.

The lighted mirror provides an extremely clear reflection that is much superior to the ordinary mirror. The demystifying pads clears mist as soon as it is formed making it simpler to use the mirrors immediately after a hot bath. These pads comprise anti-bacterial features providing safety from bacteria formation that can cause health hazards. The lights within these mirrors illuminate the entire area while reducing the energy consumption offering greater utility at lesser expense. These LED mirrors emit lesser amount of heat when compared to the regular bulbs, which reduces the dangers that are a cause of extreme heating of the light bulbs.

The illuminated mirror is available with or without the frame made from different materials, such as steel, aluminum, or wood. These are wall mounted installations that can be hung or fixed permanently to the walls. In addition to the bathrooms, these mirrors can be easily fitted in the living rooms, bed rooms, and other public spaces. All these products are available in various thicknesses, sizes, and can be easily customized to suit the specific requirements and personal preferences of the individual consumers. The mirrors can be designer products, embedded, or frameless and are increasingly used in homes, offices, hotels, and apartments to enhance the appearance of the living areas.

Choosing an experienced and reliable manufacturer ensures consumers receive high quality products that enhance their overall experience. Well-known companies provide the latest designs that are both unique and modern at affordable prices. Another advantage of choosing a well-reputed and reliable manufacturing company is the products adhere to the strictest quality norms and friendly customer support and service to resolve any queries raised by the clients. An experienced manufacturer will deliver the products within the specified timeline without compromising on the quality. Consumers can also be assured of receiving reliable after-sales services from qualified and friendly executives along with long-term warranty on the products supplied by a reliable and experienced manufacturing company. Please visit www.bathroomledmirror.com for additional information.

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