Author Nicole Johnson Offers the Golden Rules of Baby Sleep as Parents Prepare for Daylight Savings Time November 2nd

Westerville, OH -- (SBWire) -- 11/02/2013 --Nicole Johnson, Founder of The Baby Sleep Site® and author of the new, timely e-book ESSENTIAL KEYS TO YOUR NEWBORN’S SLEEP (e-book, all formats: $9.99) offers some tips to help ease the anxiety of parents nationwide as we all prepare to “fall back.” While the difference of an hour may not affect us adults much, it has a big impact on baby and toddler schedules.

-Falling back' presents early waking problems for lots of babies and toddlers -- particularly those who were already waking pretty early to begin with! For instance, a baby who has been waking pretty consistently at 6 a.m. may wake closer to 5 a.m. after the time change, since 5 a.m WAS 6 a.m. just a few days ago. The same is true for naps.

-Parents should watch for overtiredness after the time change. Trying to stick to your child's usual schedule may result in overtiredness, since you're effectively asking your child to nap and go to bed an hour later than they are used to. Remember, overtiredness actually makes it HARDER for babies and toddlers to fall asleep (seems counter-intuitive, but it's true!), so this can backfire in a huge way: baby gets overtired, has a tough time falling asleep for nap, wakes up early from nap, has an even harder time falling asleep at bedtime, etc., etc. It is a snowball effect that parents need to watch with caution!

-Parents who wish to shift their child's schedule back (if he or she is waking too late in the morning, goes down for naps later than parent would like, or has a bedtime that's too late), then they can use DST to their advantage, since DST will essentially shift their child's schedule for them.

-If a child is on a good schedule before DST, then parents need to understand that the schedule will be thrown off after DST, with earlier morning waking, and probably a need to go down earlier for naps and for bed.

“Remember…Happy baby equals a happy mom,” says Nicole, “And sleep is the most essential part of the equation.”

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Nicole Johnson is the President of Baby Sleep Site®, which was founded in 2008. She began her journey to help moms cope with their babies’ sleep schedule by leading an internet-based message board. Her goal was for new parents to overcome their own sleeping challenges much quicker than she had. Following that, she created the official Baby Sleep Site ( and expanded her offerings to include e-books, articles, a blog, and customized sleep consulting. The feedback from around the world has been incredible. The Baby Sleep Site® enjoys almost 500,000 visitors per month and has personally helped over 10,000 families overcome their babies’ sleep challenges. Nicole and her team offer professional, sound support that works.

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