Music Teacher’s Helper Launches More Innovative Features

Murray, UT -- (SBWire) -- 02/08/2010 -- It has been always been exciting at Music Teacher’s Helper as it unfolds some of its awesome improvements. The program developments include a brand new graphics design plus several features that you’ll surely enjoy and appreciate. Its newest design and layout seems to look more innovative and contemporary than its current site. Making the program easier and more convenient to use especially to newbies, MTH has also provided the users a brand new calendar, with a week and day view that actually show the details and duration of events visually, along with the ability to e-mail the concerned students on a specific day.

However, the great minds behind this huge innovation have humbly admitted that there is still a bunch of improvements to make. Thus, they truly believe that MTH has been getting closer to perfection and excellence.

Well, to give you a gist of it, here are the recent changes and updates on some great features:

• Added better validation to the Student Registration page (on your studio website).
• Put in username availability checking.
• File Area can now be sorted out on the page where you upload the files.
• Families Owing Report are now sorted by last name.

Hence, here is a list of matters that MTH has resolved and settled for better usage and functionality:

• Student List Excel Export’s missing a column
• Currency symbols showing properly on PDF invoices
• Minor problems on monthly invoices as per rates are concerned
• Some minimal issues on some teachers who had difficulty in creating pdf invoices
• Modifications on the Student Registration Forms

Music Teacher's Helper continuously works hard and makes effort to live with its promises to its valued clients – taking the frustration out of managing their own music studio as well as handling everything from billing and lesson schedules, to communication and tax reports. With that feature, music teachers can take their music teaching and private music studio management to a higher level.

As Music Teacher's Helper aims to create a program that addresses the majority of music teachers' needs, it continues to make the necessary announcements regarding the MTH recent updates and improvements. Such release is to make this music teacher’s software even more useful for its valued subscribers and users.

More and more music teachers and even studio managers out there are getting interested in venturing into this program. Over the years, MTH has been receiving great volumes of positive feedback and support from its members. But this has never been so surprising as Music Teacher's Helper has sought to listen carefully to customer requests and tend to improve the program accordingly at all times. MTH has taken customer service very seriously and has immediately responded to relevant customer support inquiries and concerns.

So, if you are fed up with tracking how much each student owes you, or with parents forgetting lesson times and when to pay, it is high time that you get to know MTH a lot better. With this web-based computer program, convenience and satisfaction are 100% guaranteed. Hurry, take advantage of Music Teacher's Helper's technology today, and see better results as you manage your own private music studio with more convenience, satisfaction and excellence. You would never regret that you have out in a little of your time and effort to discover its wonders and advantages.

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