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Arcadia, CA -- (SBWire) -- 11/19/2013 --Some people may feel that bidets are luxury toilet accessories. They are right if they think only about modern electronic bidets with advanced functions controlled by remotes. The function of a bidet is to spray water after toilet use and thereby avoiding the use of paper. On a close look, it can be seen that bidets are need based accessories meaning that not too much electronic controls are needed for all people to shoot a stream of water. Bidet manufactures have therefore designed bidet types in various forms from hand held to electronic forms. Of course, the prices of advanced bidets are higher than the ones that are used manually.

BIDET4ME Bidets with Variations:

Keeping in mind with the above facts, BIDET4ME, the leading online marketer of bidets have introduced several useful bidet models that are all widely accepted by consumers. It markets its leading Electric Bidets (E-200A and E-300A) that comes with full assembly to replace the existing toilet seat. Non-electronic bidet seat attachments (MB-1000 and MB-2000) and hand held bidets (HB-25 and HB-28) are other notable items from this group.

Low Price and Quality Features:

Here is the best deal from BIDET4ME.com on November 19th to November 24th at Newegg, the leading online store for its models,

Easy Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment with DIY Kit MB-1000 9SIA1EB0C16590-An easy bidet attachment with a horizontal spray and massaging head. No need of electricity or batteries.

Non-Electronic Bidet with Hot Cold Dual Nozzle MB-2000 9SIA1EB0C17313-An easy Bidet attachment with male and female nozzles, cold and warm water cleansing. No electricity or batteries are needed.

Electronic Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer E-200A 9SIA1EB0C17589-A full bidet with advanced features like heated seats, warm drying, deodorization, power saving option, massaging function and many others.

BIDET4ME HB-25 Hand-Held Bidet with DIY Kits HB-25 9SIA1EB0U16372-A convenient hand held bidet that can be used with most common toilet types.

BIDET4ME HB-28 Quality Hand Held Bidet - Value Pack (Free DIY Kits) HB-28 9SIA1EB0U16381-Another hand held bidet with a slight variation on spray head.

Don’t forget this rare opportunity to buy the bidet of your choice and make your toilet gem free. All models come with free shipping within America.

BIDET4ME- The Trusted Bidet Models:

Over the last few years, customers have shown great appreciation on the quality of bidet models marketed by BIDET4ME.com.Families having seniors, disabled members, pregnant women and those suffering from anal diseases are extensively using these bidets. They are made of high quality components that stand for its top performance.

The BIDET4ME Bidet brands are marketed by http://www.BIDET4ME.com. They have been marketing bidet seats and toilet accessories all over the world. Now the coming Black Friday deal from 11/19/2013-11/24/2013 at Newegg, the leading online seller is a life time opportunity to acquire the right bidet model suitable for your use.

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