Rockhaven Films Produces Rock-Solid RoboCop vs. Terminator Trailer


Kansas City, KS -- (SBWire) -- 11/19/2013 --Rockhaven Films shows what a modest $2,000 budget can accomplish with a new trailer for RoboCop vs. Terminator, based on the SNES video game and the Frank Miller comic book series of the same name. The trailer depicts a post-apocalyptic future where a warrior is sent back in time to eliminate the catalyst for a war that threatens to destroy all mankind. The film imagines what an epic battle between the law-enforcing RoboCop and a ruthless Terminator from the future might look like, with a conflicted female heroine caught in the crossfire.

The trailer centers on the plight of a Sarah Connor type character, known as “Flo,” who is played by Krystal Heib. In 2014, Heib will appear in a sci-fi mini-series called “Time’s Up” and has previously starred in several shorts and independent features. The Terminator is played by bodybuilder Justin Woltering, a personal trainer and fitness model for magazines such as Men’s Workout who is every bit as built as Arnold Schwarzenegger, yet retains the cold stare of Robert Patrick. Rockhaven Films’ own, Mack Schroer, steps into the role of RoboCop.

RoboCop vs. Terminator was written and directed by creative visionary Josh Doke, an award winning filmmaker and co-founder of Rockhaven Films. Shane Hurlbut, the Director of Photography on Warner Bros. 2009 Terminator Salvation, recently spotlighted cinematographer and emerging filmmaker Iain Trimble in Hurlburt Visuals’ “Filmmaker’s Spotlight.” - Iain Trimble, Rockhaven Films

“Our goal was to make a cinema-quality trailer using the equipment we already owned,” Trimble told Shane Hurlbut. “It was really our own ingenuity that brought this project together,” – noting that Mack Schroer, a graphic and digital effects artist trained at Washburn University, designed and built the elaborate RoboCop suit and weapons. - Iain Trimble, Rockhaven Films

“People find it hard to believe that most of the weapons used in the trailer are just painted / modified Nerf guns – but it’s entirely true!” Trimble said.

He also credits Jake Schultz and Edward Schroer with providing camera and visual effects support on the trailer. “Thanks to the fantastic direction by Josh, the on set assistance of Jake, and the back-end work by Edward, we have a long list of people asking us when the real film is actually coming out!” he laughs. - Iain Trimble, Rockhaven Films

However, he assures fans the trailer was produced as a non-profit fan project, used strictly for promotional use of the filmmakers. It is not actually endorsed by Orion Pictures or IMAX 3D, and Rockhaven does not have permission to pursue a full-length feature film using the trademarked characters.

“Our hope is that people watch the trailer and gather a sense of just what we’re capable of doing here at Rockhaven Films,” Trimble explains. “We’ve done commercial work and we really enjoy it, but we’d like to get more into independent filmmaking and bring screenwriters’ unique stories to life.” - Iain Trimble, Rockhaven Films

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