English to Spanish Raleigh Helps Companies Avoid Culturally Insensitive Material

Raleigh, NC -- (SBWire) -- 11/20/2013 --English to Spanish Raleigh has begun a campaign to help companies avoid offensive advertising. The Raleigh translation company knows how important the Hispanic population is for expanding a businesses’ client base. This month’s awareness campaign focuses on how easy a translation can unintentionally change an original message into culturally insensitive material.

This month’s campaign began with the idea that communication becomes increasingly more difficult when a business is reaching out to an unfamiliar culture with an unfamiliar language. English to Spanish Raleigh has found that businesses are often unsure of cultural markers and can confuse the advertising message by implementing money saving shortcuts such as computer translations.

Elsa Jimenez, the President of English to Spanish Raleigh believes “It is your job as an advertiser and marketer to understand cultural differences and how to appropriately focus on the Hispanic community outreach. Simply having someone dance around in a sombrero does lend culture to your message, but instead shows how out of touch your brand is from the community.”

The campaign for the Raleigh Translation company is designed to guide companies that culture plays a large part in the daily lives of most demographics, and unless culture is included in the purpose of an advertisement, the message alone might be enough to miss the mark.

In addition, when marketing with a brand related to food or beverages, it is important to understand the roots of the people’s culture, and incorporate this culture in the tone of the advertisement. Many families view food and drink brands as part of the family, and these brands are often closely tied to many people’s culture and heritage. It is important to reflect brands and culture of families, instead of changing a family’s culture to meet a brand’s image.

About English to Spanish Raleigh
Established in 2008, English to Spanish Raleigh is a team of native Spanish speaking individuals, born and raised in Hispanic countries, then living and working in the U.S. for many years. The team specializes in cultural sensibility and translating content in the best possible way. Working closely with the Hispanic community, English to Spanish Raleigh is excited to expand your business and provide the help needed to reach the growing Hispanic market. If you would like more information, please call (919) 995-2986 or visit http://www.englishtospanishraleigh.com

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