Pinnacle Minds Has Begun Their Memory Improvement Workshop for Children

Now Primary and Secondary School students can learn to improve their memory while still young

Singapore -- (SBWire) -- 11/21/2013 --Learning to memorize and recall information is an important part of learning and school, but it is a subject that is rarely discussed, let alone taught. Pinnacle Minds Memory Improvement Workshop is specifically designed to teach Primary and Secondary School students how to remember information quickly and easily. Once they have learned these techniques, they will be able to apply them for the rest of their lives. More information is available at

“For most of us, remembering things during school was a long and difficult struggle involving hours of repetition and monotony. Through the techniques that we teach in the Memory Improvement Workshops, children learn to memorize information faster and easier. In no time, memorization happens nearly as fast the child can read or see something that they need to know for later.” – Sancy Suraj, Founder, Pinnacle Minds

ThePinnacle Memory Improvement Workshop is designed specifically for children who are in school. Since every day for them is a time of memorization, new ideas and nearly endless lists of information that they must know for later, this is the perfect time of life to learn to memorize well and recall easily.

“Every child has the ability to learn and memorize the information that they need to succeed. In many cases, being able to remember each step of an equation, all of the vocabulary words or all of the parts of something can mean the difference between a great student and an average student. Give your child the advantage of a fantastic memory.” – Sancy Suraj, Founder, Pinnacle Minds

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Pinnacle Minds, a memory training company based in Singapore, is made up of a group of skilfully motivated professionals that specialises in the teachings of superior lifelong memory improvement techniques

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